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Final Fantasy 7 Page

Final Fantasy 7 Walk Through!!!


Final Fantasy 7 Page


(Note that the beginning of this game has been altered somewhat from the
FF7 demo disc packaged with Tobal No. 1.)


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: Poosyon x3, Fenikkusu no Bi, Kaifuku Materia,

At the start of the game, you'll have 3 Poosyons, a Fenikkusu no Bi,
and an Eeteru. You can't equip Materia until you reach section 3b, by
the way.

Once you leave the train, check the body of the closest guard twice to
get two Poosyons. Then head north. You'll be attacked by some guards.
Take them out with your sword (you may win a Poosyon for killing them)
and then move left to go outside. Now, talk to your teammates (Biggs,
Wedge, and Jesse), then name yourself and Barett. Make your way to the
northwestern door, and head up in the next room to enter the heart of
the power plant.

Talk to Barett, (who joins you) and then talk to each Avalanche member
to open the doors. After opening the second door, head right to enter
another chamber with a treasure chest (Fenikkusu no Bi). Then, go back
and enter the elevator (you'll have to talk to Jesse first). Press the
arrow switch to activate it.

Work your way down to stairs and go through the door to the left. Then
follow Jesse down the ladder. When he stops, search the area in front
of him for a Poosyon (it's hard to see because of the steam). Climb
down the cross the pipes, descend the nearby ladder, and take note of
the Save Point before heading down the walkway.

Pick up the Kaifuku materia on the ground in the next area and set the
bomb. An alarm will sound and you'll have to fight the boss, a huge
scorpion-like machine.

BOSS TIPS: GAADOSUKOOPION (Guard Scorpion) LV: ?? HP: 800 MP: 0

Cloud's Sandaa magic works well. Don't worry about the boss' infinity-
symbol-shaped ray and have Barett attack. When you've done enough
damage, the boss will start to shake and Cloud will talk to Barett. From
this point onward, don't attack the boss and heal yourself or simply
guard until the boss attacks you. If you try to hurt it during this
time, the boss responds with a damaging laser ray shot from his tail. A
few more hits after it stops shaking and the boss dies. You'll get an
Asaretogan (Assault Gun) when you kill it.

You now have ten minutes to escape from the power plant. You'll need
to make your way back to the upside-down T-shaped entrance hall where
one of the Avalanche members is waiting. (If you've played the demo
disc, know that you don't need to 'search' for the other members; just
talk to the one member waiting for you at the top of the stairs and
ladders to make him jump over you and then get out. Since Barett gets
a new gun after the battle, be sure to equip it. Also, talk to the
other members to open the two doors on your way back.



After the Avalanche members blow up the passage, head up the stairs.
You'll meet Aerith here, but she won't join you yet. Since Barett's
gone, you'll have to fight the enemies here alone. There's a Poosyon
to the southwest of the circular structure (near the lampposts). Walk
south. In this next part, you'll meet up with guards and have the
choice of running (bottom choice) or fighting (top choice). After a
few more encounters, Cloud'll jump onto the passing train and run into
the Avalanche gang. After talking to them, walk to the 'front' of the
screen and you'll jump off into another area. Talk to the people here
and one of the members (Jesse) will show you a picture of the Makoro
plant on the train's screen. Approach Barett and you'll end up going
to the group's base.


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: 1500 gil, Zentaika Materia, Eeteru.

Head west and go upwards. Talk to the kid by the fence, then head west
again (there's a Save Point nearby, too). Talk to the people here,
then check out the bar. At the top of the tallest building in the south-
east is a bedroom. The kid here will let you spend the night for 10 gil.

In the bar, you'll meet Tifa, who is also a member of Avalanche, as well
as Marin, who is supposedly Barett's daughter. After naming Tifa, Barett
shows up when you try to leave and reveals the hidden base underneath the
bar. Talk to Tifa, and then when you meet Barett the next morning, he'll
give you 1500 gil. You'll also find that there is another Save Point in
the second floor of the tall building, inside the huge cage. The man in
the right corner of this room has a Materia by his feet (Zentaika). Take
it and a chest will drop down that has an Eeteru inside of it. You can
learn about the game's mechanics from the people in here (if you know
Japanese, that is :)) If you check the Main Menu, you'll see that you
can use Materia at this point, and that Tifa has joined your party. In
addition, the two buildings that were locked the other day are now open.

When you're ready, go back to the train station to prepare for
Avalanche's next mission. If you like, you can go to the far right to
enter a train yard, but there's not much of interest there.


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: Eeteru x2, Poosyon, Tento, Chitanbanguru.

Board the train. When the timer appears after you talk to Tifa, go
through each train car until Tifa jumps off one of the cars and you and
Barett follow her. You'll end up in an underground railroad passageway.
If you go south (towards the 'front' of the screen), you'll go through
the same screen 5-6 times before coming to two guards who you can fight.
When the battle's over, choose the bottom option to keep fighting or the
top option to run away. You can fight the same battle over and over,
so when you get tired of fighting, just pick the top option. Anyway,
it's a lot faster to just head north to where the green barrier is and
go down the hatch to the west (examine it and choose the top choice
twice). Pick up the Eeteru in the adjoining passage, climb down the
two ladders, and talk to the Avalanche member in this area. Then go
up the ladder near him to reach a room where Jesse is waiting for you.
Take the Poosyon that's next to him and climb down the ladder on the
left end of the room to reach a chamber where you can find a Tento,
a Save Point, and Biggs.

Go up the ladder here to reach the Makoro Plant. The room you're in
should be familiar. Slide down the pipe and then work your way back to
the heart of the plant (where you set the bomb last time). After Cloud
fiddles with the machinery, go back to the large room and climb up the
stairs and into the elevator. This time, you'll ride it to a new floor.
Grab the contents of the treasure chest (Eeteru) and then head to the
left where there are three control panels. You'll need to hit your
panel as the same time Barett and Tifa hit theirs (using the O button),
so give it a shot. Instead of waiting for them to raise their arms,
you'll have an easier time if you time it to hit your panel _just_
before they do. You can't use the panels if you didn't go back to the
heart of the power plant. Afterwards, go through the opened gate
(there's a Save Point here), and head north.

In the T-shaped room, you'll be stopped by a group of guards, and then
meet the president of Shinra. After that, a helicopter and a hydrofoil-
like machine show up. The Shinra president leaves in the helicopter,
but the huge machine attacks you and your friends.

BOSS TIPS: EABASUTAA (Air Buster) LV: 15 HP: 1200 MP: 0

This machine turns to face (and attack) whomever hits him. So, if one of
your characters is low on life, have the person on the opposite side
attack to draw the boss' attention away. Be especially careful of his
shockwave pounce--it causes tons of damage (but also increases your
Limit meter quickly). Remember that even if his back is turned, he can
use a weak machine gun attack on you. Use potions and the Kaifuku
Materia to keep up your HPs and use Ikazuchi as well as your Limit Break
attacks to take this machine out. You'll receive a Chitanbanguru if you
win the battle.


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: Poosyon, Fenikkusu no Bi, Kabau Materia, Eeteru.

After the battle, the boss will explode, sending Cloud off the walkway
in the ensuing blast. When you awake, you'll find yourself in a church.
Aerith is here, and you can name her after talking to her several times.
Reno (of the Turks, a group of hired thugs that are currently employed
by the Shinra) shows up afterwards with some guards. In the next room,
Aerith falls down while trying to escape with Cloud. You now have the
option of fighting the guards using Aerith or trying to bean the guards
on the head with barrels on the upper floor (if you miss, you'll have to
fight using Aerith anyway). Remember, she starts off in the back row,
so to increase damage, make her move up by choosing 'Change' at the
start of each battle (do this by pressing left, then the O button).

The correct order of barrels to drop is: the leftmost barrel (in the
back), the far right barrel (in the back), and the far right barrel
(in the front). Simply examine each barrel and choose the top option
to drop it. This way, Aerith won't have to fight anybody. When
Aerith meets you at the top of the chapel, she'll hook up with Cloud.

In the next room, climb up the second beam on the left and jump out of
the hole in the roof. After you and Aerith make it back to ground level,
head left to find a Save Point. To the northwest is a town. Be sure to
meet the man in the pipe near the entrance. There are several stores
here, including one that sells Materia. To the far, far right is a path
that leads to Aerith's house and a garden. You can spend the night here
once you've met Erumina, Aerith's mother. The next morning, look between
the desk and the bed for a Poosyon and a Fenikkusu no Bi. Then, sneak
downstairs (or Aerith will make you go back to bed) and leave the house
(you can do this by not touching the walls and not running, either). In
the lower flower bed to the right, you can get the Kabau Materia and an
Eeteru. There's another Save Point near her house if you need to use it.

Leave the town and go left to the hole in the wall. Aerith will be here
waiting for you and will rejoin you. In the next location, work your
way upward (by going across the hole-filled metal length, then down the
iron beams and through the passage, then up the brown pipe and finally
down the stairs and heading to the left). After Aerith leaves you at the
playground, head right, then up to arrive at the Wall Market.


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: Fenikkusu no Bi, Eeteru, Koufunzai.

Aerith rejoins you (again) here. There's a Save Point in the upper-right
part of the village. The building in the lower left is an inn, where you
can spend the night for 10 gil. To the right of it is the entrance to a
brothel. The building in the middle has nothing in it but a computer.
(If you touch it, a machine gun will fire at you and Cloud jumps away.
You can't do anything here until later). Just above that building is an
item shop. North of the shop is a sushi bar. Finally, there is a
clothing store to the upper left and some sort of pottery store to the
upper right. A path by the clothing store leads to another part of town.
Here, there is a gym, a restaurant, and a weapon shop. In the northern
area lies a large building. If you go east from here, you'll reach a
dead-end area.

Your objective in this part of the game is to sneak into the large
building where Tifa is being kept. To do this, Cloud will have to
dress up as a woman in order to get inside since men aren't allowed
into the building. So, follow these steps to get the items you need
to 'alter' Cloud's appearance. You may want to read this entire
section before starting so that you'll know how your choices will
affect the game.

a) Go to the brothel and talk to the big guy with silver hair who's
chatting with the bouncer at the door. Talk to him and pick the
first option to inquire about Tifa.

b) Go back to the building at the end of town and talk to the guy
near the door. Aerith and Cloud will move away and have a
short conversation.

c) Return to the first screen, go to the clothing store, and talk to
the store owner by standing near the bottom edge of the counter.

d) Go to the bar in the second screen and talk to the lone man by the
door. During the conversation, you'll have to make two decisions.
So when you're asked a question, pick either the first or second
choice. After you're done talking to the man, return to the
clothing store.

e) At the store, you'll see that the man from the inn is now behind
the counter. Talk to him and you'll receive an item based upon
your decisions:

- If you answered: first choice, first or second choice, you'll
get the Kotton no Doresu (Cotton Dress).
- If you answered: second choice, first choice, you'll be given
the Saten no Doresu (Satin Dress).
- If you answered: second choice, second choice again, he'll give
you the Shiruke no Doresu (Silk Dress).

f) Cloud will try on the dress, but won't actually wear it. Leave
the clothing store and go to the second screen. Enter the gym
and converse with the woman by the fighting ring. When you
have the chance, pick the bottom option twice. As soon as you
clear her message with the O button, start pressing the S, X,
and O buttons repeatedly in that order. The object of the game
is to go fast enough to make Cloud do more squats than the
African gymnast, but you don't want to press the buttons too
fast or Cloud can't keep up. It's not too hard to win since
the other guy will often stop to scratch his head, but you only
have 30 seconds, so get in as many squats as you can.

- If you are able to do more squats than the gymnast, you'll be
given the Burondo no Katsura (Blonde Wig).
- If you and the gymnast have the same score, the lady will give
you the Cyapatsu no Katsura (?? Wig).
- If the gymnast does better than you, then the lady will give
you the Kuzege no Katsura (?? Wig).

At this point, you can just return to the clothing shop and enter the
stall; Cloud will dress up as a woman and you can return to the north
building to get inside. You can also choose to not change yet and
explore more of the Wall Market, picking up items that you can use to
make Cloud more 'feminine'. If you're finished, then skip down a ways
to find out what to do next. Otherwise, keep reading.

g) Go to the pottery shop. When you have to choose an answer, pick
the top one twice. (You can't talk to him unless you chatted with
the guard at the north building). Then go to the inn and pay 10 gil
to spend the night. In the middle of the night, you'll find
yourself in front of the vending machine in the outer hallway. Pick
any option (I hope you have enough gil). The next morning, return
to the pottery shop and talk to the man to get an item:

- If you bought the first item (200 gil), he'll give you the
Daiya no Tiara (Diamond Tiara).
- If you bought the second item (100 gil), he'll give you the
Rubii no Tiara (Ruby Tiara).
- If you bought the third item (50 gil), he'll give you the
Garasu no Tiara (Glass Tiara).

h) Enter the sushi bar and walk past the empty seat. When a message
appears, choose the top option. Then choose any option, (you'll
need 70 gil), followed by the middle choice to get a Kuupon
(Coupon). Now go to the item store and talk to the man behind
the counter. Choose one of the three options to get an item,
then head back to the restaurant. Go to the bathroom and talk to
the person inside. Accept the first choice and:

- You'll get the Koron (Cologne) if you traded the Coupon for the
first-choice item at the item shop.
- You'll get the Furawaa Koron (Flower Cologne) if you traded the
Coupon for the second-choice item at the item shop.
- You'll get the Sekushii Koron (Sexy Cologne) if you traded the
Coupon for the third-choice item at the item shop.

i) Talk to the large man in the white shirt who's standing near the
edge of the screen to get the Kaado (Card). He won't give it to
you unless you talked to the guard by the door of the northern
building. Head right to arrive at the brothel. If you talk to
the bouncer, he'll let you in once he sees the Card, but Aerith
refuses to enter. Inside the brothel, you'll find that the doors
on the right side are locked, but if you chose the bottom option,
you can look inside them and peer around using the control pad and
the O button. If you look in the upper-right keyhole, you'll see a
familiar face...a small version of Cait Sith! If you go to the
north room and talk to the farthest girl on the right several times,
you can choose the top option to make her dance faster and faster.
You now have two choices: you can only do one or the other. They

Examine the lower-left door and pick the top option twice. In the
room, talk to the girl and pick the top option three times to take
a soak with Mukkii and his friends. Answer however you like while
in the tub and Cloud will be given the Bikini Pantsu (Bikini Pants).

Or, examine the upper-left door and pick the top option twice.
Inside, talk to the ghostly Cloud near the stone tub and Cloud
will have a psychotic episode. When you come to, all your HP
and MP is restored, thanks to...Mukkii :( Talk to him and choose
the bottom option. Then talk to the girl and you'll get the
Ranjerii (Lingerie).

All done? There's nothing left to do now but return to the clothing
store and dress up as a woman. When you finish, go to the large building
in the north and talk to the man by the food carts again. He'll let you
into a posh-looking parlor. Now, go up the stairs and into the door on
the far left after talking to the receptionist. Then, go down the
staircase to the torture room (!) where you'll find Tifa and an Eeteru
by the smoldering coals. Once she's joined you, head back up the stairs
and go into the middle door. Inside is Tifa's kidnapper, the nefarious
Don Corneo. He will examine each of you when you try to approach him.
Who he picks for his 'friend' is determined by what items you collected
in the Wall Market:

- He'll pick Cloud if you're wearing the Silk Dress, Blonde Wig, and
have the 'best' extra items (the Diamond Tiara, Sexy Cologne, and
Lingerie or Bikini Pants).
- He'll pick Aerith if you're wearing the Silk Dress, the Blonde Wig,
the Lingerie and the Sexy Cologne (in addition to anything else you
may have).
- He'll pick Tifa if you're wearing the Silk Dress, Blonde Wig, and one
or two of the extra items not mentioned above (or anything worse than

If Corneo picked Tifa or Aerith, then read below:

In the next room, examine the item bag by the bed to get a Fenikkusu no
Bi, and talk to the man by the television set after talking to the other
henchmen. After revealing your true nature to the love-struck goons,
they'll fight you. This is followed by another fight with the other
three punks. Afterward, get Aerith from the torture chamber and then
go into the middle door again (if Tifa was picked, then you'll meet her
when you go outside). When you're through intimidating Corneo, look
behind his bead for a Koufunzai, then stand by your allies. He'll
make you choose one of three options. No matter which one you choose,
you'll fall through a trapdoor.

If Corneo picked Cloud, then you'll end up in his room. Search behind
his bed for a Koufunzai, then talk to him and answer anyway you like.
Your friends will burst in and Corneo will ask you a question; pick any
one you like and you'll still plummet to the sewers below.


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: Poosyon x4, Fenikkusu no Bi, Nusumu Materia,
Haipoosyon x3, Yamabikoenmaku, Eeteru x2.

Once the cut scene with the Shinra flunkies ends, you'll find yourself
in a sewer. Before talking to Tifa or Aerith, climb up the stairs to
the south and go along the walkway to nab a Poosyon. Before you can
escape, a blue monster attacks your party.

BOSS TIPS: APUSU LV: 18 HP: 1800 MP: 0

His dark wave attack hurts all members, so use Potions and Kaifuku
Materia to heal your wounds. Luckily, the dark wave will damage the big
blue guy, too (he uses this attack as a counterattack before dying if he
can manage it). When he does the reverse dark wave, it causes less
damage to him. Honou spells work the best on him. Use Cloud's Limit
Break to harm the boss and use Aerith's Limit Break to heal yourselves.
You'll receive a Fenikkusu no Bi for winning the battle.

Climb up the ladder and head right. Go down into the sewage, then up the
stairs. Grab the Yellow Materia (Nusumu) and go down the hatch. In the
next room, go down the stairs, then climb up the side of the curved
structure. Climb up the ladder and you'll go outside. There's a Save
Point here and an item on top of the nearby train car. Check out
the oil drum by entering the train car (near the Save Point) to get a
Haipoosyon. Get another Haipoosyon on the roof of adjacent car, then hop
off onto the iron beam and check the oil drum to the north for a
Yamabikoenmaku. Walk right, then south and enter the nearby train car
to get a Poosyon. Climb up the ladder, head north, and climb down again.
Go north once more through the train car then exit to your left to find
a second Poosyon. Then go north to arrive at the next screen.

Here, circle left around the car to get a Poosyon. Keep going left to
find an oil can with an Eeteru inside of it. Hop on the train to move
the other car out of the way. Climb atop the formerly blocked car to
net a Haipoosyon. Now, ride the other train back backwards, climb onto
the eastern train car, jump onto the train you just moved, and climb
across it and the last car before going down the ladder to get back to
the front part of the Avalanche train yard.

Head left. The Avalanche members will be fighting atop the power
generator you first saw when you arrived at the base. After Wedge
plummets to the ground, save your game at the Save Point and talk to the
man on the left if you need to buy items. Climb up the stairs and you'll
meet Barett, who is firing at the Shinra helicopter you saw back at the
plant. The same man who attacked Aerith in the cathedral will jump out,
and you'll have to fight him. Good thing Barett joins you. When you
inflict enough damage, the boss runs away!

BOSS TIPS: RENO LV: 17 HP: 1000 MP: 0

This guy packs a wallop. He can imprison your friends using his golden
Piramiddo (Pyramid) attack, and if he does this to all your members, you
lose. To break the pyramids, attack your allies (they won't be damaged).
Watch for his spark bolt attack (which can paralyze you) and use your
Limit Breaks whenever possible. Reiki works well on him. For some
players, this may be the first battle they lose! You'll get an Eeteru
for scaring him off should you win.



After fending off the boss, Shon (is he a Turk like Reno?) will kidnap
Aerith (and p**p slap her)! As he escapes, the entire city explodes and
falls down a level, destroying it. Cloud, Tifa, and Barett all come to
in the playground at the Makoro Slums. After Barett yells for Marin,
Wedge, and his other friends, he and Tifa join you in the next area. Go
back up to get a sparkling yellow Materia (Miyaburu), before returning to
Wall Market. The man in the pottery store will now sell you Materia, and
if you go back to the parlor, you have the option of freeing one of Don
Corneo's men from the torture chamber. Even if you got the Card the
first time around, you can no longer enter the brothel, BTW.

When you're done, leave and go south from the playground. Return to the
Area 5 Town and go to Aerith's house. Talk to Erumina, her mother. You
can spend the night in the upstairs bedroom once the intermission ends.
Return to the Wall Market and go to the dead-end area near the parlor.
(you'll see a bunch of kids run in there). Climb up the pipe, and you'll
find yourself high above the town. If you haven't gotten them already,
go to the 'Machine & Gun' store and talk to the man at the left end of
the store; he'll sell you 3 Zinkubatterii (Zinc Batteries) for 300 gil
and you'll need them to activate the boxes in this part of the game.
With that in mind, examine the box-shaped object in the lower right to
try and start a nearby propeller. Head up, and you'll jump onto the
propeller. From there, make your way to the other box and activate the
painted barrier. Climb up it, and use the O button to jump onto the
swinging metal pipe. After that, climb up to the next screen.

Once here, climb up, then drop down to activate the next box and you'll
find an Eeteru. Climb down the lefthand pipe and make your way back up
again. Instead of dropping down, continue up, and you'll find yourself
at Shinra's headquarters.


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: Erikusaa, Zokusei Materia, Houshi no Pendanto,
Foursurotto, Zentaika Materia, Fenikkusu no Bi,
Eeteru, Doku Materia, Tendan x2, Tarisuman, Teki
no Waza Materia, Poosyon x4, Misiru no xx, xx
Cyokki, Gaado Appu.

There's a Save Point here. You have the option of either heading to the
left and climbing up a stairwell or barging in through the front door.
Going up the stairs takes forever, but it's free of enemies and you can
get an Erikusaa that's lying on one of the landings. On the other hand,
going through the front door and taking the elevators in the back is
faster, but you have to fight several battles along the way. Not only
that, but you can chase around the Shinra staff before taking the
elevator :) You can't use the circular lifts by the doors yet, but you
can use them once you reach the 60th floor. You can also look at one of
the monitors on the ground floor to see a short FMV sequence of the
silver car that Rufus rides around in during the Junon Town celebration
(which is a little later on in the game). There are some chests here
that a woman won't let you open, but you can get them later. Remember,
if you go through the front, check the control panel in the elevator (the
one that goes haywire) after each enemy encounter in order to continue
upwards. If you go up the stairs then change your mind and go back down,
you won't have to fight anybody on the elevators, and the main area of
the ground floor will be empty.

No matter what method you use, you'll eventually reach the 59th floor.
Head southeast and kill the armored guards to get the Kaado Kii 60
(60th floor Card Key), then take the lift to the 60th floor. Here,
you'll have to head to the room in the upper-left and make it to the
other side without being seen by the patrolling guards. In order to
stay hidden from them, pause behind the gold statues, then lead Tifa
and Barett across using the O button. If you mess up, not only to you
get attacked (ambush-style combat), but you'll have to start all over
again. Keep in mind that the set of guards on the right half of the
screen move faster than the ones on the left.

Take the stairway up to the 61st floor. Talk to everyone here. A man
who asks you about Aerith will give you the Kaado Kii 62 (62nd floor
Card Key) if you answer ".........". On floor 62, talk to the man in
the room, Domino, and the man in white, (Hatto) then check out the two
library rooms. Answer Domino's question and he'll give you the Kaado
Kii 65 (65th floor Card Key). The problem with this is that the
answer changes with each game you play. It seems like it would be
easy enough to simply try each answer until you get it right, but you
get a Zokusei Materia if you answer correctly the first time. So, it's
in your best interest to just reset and keep trying in order to get the
materia. You can buy hints from Hatto if you don't know the answer,
for varying prices (NSS).

The 63rd floor is tricky. You have to collect 3 Kuupons (Coupons) from
all three rooms, but you're only able to remove 3 gates at a time. You
can reset the gates by investigating the computer in the right-hand room,
but that also resets the location of the items. You can move around
using walkways, but to enter them you have to climb into the black, box-
shaped structures (there's one in the computer room). You can't do that
unless you have at least one of the three items.

To get the items, follow this procedure: activate the computer, then
head to the top of the screen and open the gate farthest to the right.
Head right and open the left-hand gate, then walk right and go south
to enter the room where Coupon A is. Choose the top option to climb
into the black box and use the walkway to get to the room where Coupon
B is at. Finally, go through the door in this room and open the gate
to the left, then go north to enter the room containing Coupon C. Then
use the walkway to return to the computer room.

Now if you want, you can just trade one of the Coupons for an item,
but if you have all three then you'll get all three items. The trade
setup works like this:

- Trade Coupon A for the Houshi no Pendant
- Trade Coupon B for the Foursurotto Bracelet
- Trade Coupon C for the Zentaika Materia

To get your items (depending on how many coupons you have) go to the
computer and choose the bottom option, then the top. Keep in mind
that you can only do this once.

On the 64th floor, you'll find a Save Point and bedroom to your left.
If you examine the lockers in the back room, you can find a Fenikkusu
no Bi, an Eeteru, and a Megaphone (a weapon for Cait Sith), but you
can only take the first two items for now. Head to the 65th floor.

Here, you have to open a treasure chest, then examine a broken section
of the model in the circular room and choose the top option to repair
it. This unlocks one of the other chests, allowing you to open it and
use the part inside to repair another section of the model. When you
have finished, you'll get the Kaado Kii 66 (66th floor Card Key). You
must fix the model in a counter-clockwise fashion starting from the
bottom. The order of the chests you open goes like this:

- Upper-left room: bottom chest
- Upper-left room: top chest
- Lower-left room: left chest
- Lower-left room: top chest
- Upper-right room: chest
- Middle-right room: you can now get the Kaado Kii 66 from here.

On the 66th floor, you can either run into the meeting hall as quickly
as you can, or you can enter the stall in the bathroom located in the
northwest corner of the floor. Choose the middle option, and you'll
climb on top of the toilet and enter an air duct. Move forward to
see what the Shinra members (Riibu, Parumaa, President of Shinra,
Haidekkaa, Houjou, and Sukaaretto) are discussing. Climb back out,
then climb up the stairwell after Houjou (the pony-tailed scientist)
in the room to the right of the meeting hall. Note that you'll end
up in the air duct even if you ran into the hall...strange. On the
next floor (67), talk to the people and keep following the scientist.
After looking in the purple chamber (and after Cloud gets another
headache), move beyond the crates and to the right to find a Save
Point and a treasure chest with a Doku Materia inside.

Enter the elevator to the north, and then watch as the scientist toys
with Aerith. Now, choose who you want to protect Aerith, (either
Barett or Tifa), and then you can name the lion creature (Red 13) that
was attacking Houjou. He'll fight alongside you when the mutant boss
shows up. Don't forget that Red 13 comes equipped with his own Materia!

BOSS TIPS: SANPURU:HO512 (Sample: HO512) LV: 19 HP: 1000 MP: 120
SANPURU:HO512-OPT LV: 7 HP: 300 MP: 48

Don't try to kill this guy's little guardians; he'll only create more.
Instead, use Ikazuchi or Honou on him and try Kaifuku to keep up your own
life power. Avoid using physical attacks, Reiki, or Doku. This means
that Red 13 is better off using Fire against the boss. This battle is
easier if you have Barett, who can inflict more damage. Don't worry
about getting poisoned since you can get infected again when the boss
uses the pink gas attack on your characters. You get two Tendans and
a Tarisuman should you kill the boss.

Tifa and Barett return after the battle. When you're in control of Cloud
again, be sure to grab the Yellow Materia (Teki no Waza) that's left
behind in the sample chamber. Then go up the ladder and head south.
Talk to the man in the gray coat to get the Kaado Kii 68 (68th floor
Card Key). Go back down to floor 66 and try entering one of the lifts;
you'll get caught by Ruudo (he's a Turk who you'll be running into
constantly throughout the game). He and Shon will 'escort' you to a
meeting with the president of Shinra. Afterwards, you'll end up in
the jail cells on floor 67. Here, listen to everyone, then go to sleep.

The next morning, you'll find that your door is unlocked. Investigate
the guard, then talk to Tifa. Check the guard again to unlock the doors,
then look in on Barett and Red 13. After freeing your companions, return
to the lab and talk to Red 13. Talk to him again after taking the
elevator up to the 68th floor, then use the incline to reach the walkway
again. Go all the way along it until you find two purple Poosyons, then
climb back down and enter the door from the ground floor. The green bars
of light won't hurt you; run through them and pick up two more Poosyons
before climbing up the stairs to the 69th floor.

Go out the center door to reach a Save Point. Then, run up either of
the purple stairs. Check out the dead Shinra leader, capture Parumaa,
then enter the door to the north to exit the room. Outside, talk to the
man in white. He's Ruufausu, the son of the Shinra president.

The other characters will return to the floor below, and you must lead
them outside (I don't know what the difference is when Tifa makes you
choose an option when you're waiting by the door). Your team now
consists of Red 13, Barett, and Aerith; don't forget to re-equip your
Materia, then head to the lift (by taking the lower door). When you
activate it, you are attacked by a huge gun-wielding machine while
going down the side of the Shinra HQ.

BOSS TIPS: HANDOREDDOGANNAA (Hand Red Gunner?) LV: 18 HP: 1600 MP:0
(weak vs. Ikazuchi)

You can only use long-range attacks, so use Barett's attacks and his
Limit Break as well as magic to harm this foe. Doku magic inflicts no
damage, while Ikazuchi does the most damage. Red 13 is a sitting duck if
he doesn't have any spell Materia equipped, so be sure to deck him out
with some magic spells (he can still use his Limit Break). When you
inflict enough damage, the boss starts to break down. After the second
break, he starts firing heat blasts that damage all members, so be

After killing the boss, you must fight a flying machine.

BOSS TIPS: HERIGANNA (Heli Gunner) LV: 19 HP: 1000 MP: 0
(weak vs. Ikazuchi)

As with the other boss, don't use Doku magic but do use Ikazuchi. You
may be weak after the last battle, so use Kaifuku, Potions, and Aerith's
Limit Break to restore life. You'll win a Misuriru no xx when the boss

The scene switches back to Cloud. Heal yourself if necessary, equip
Materia, then press Start. Ruufausu will then attack you. Remember,
Cloud doesn't have any Materia equipped, and he can only use Materia
that members in the other team aren't using, so be sure you have the
spare Materia orbs you need (I think the number of orbs you have is
changed depending on what option you choose just before Tifa leaves
Aerith and you fight the two previous bosses -NSS-).

BOSS TIPS: RUUFAUSU (Rufus) LV: 21 HP: 500 MP: 0
DAAKUNEISHYON (Dark Nation?) LV: 18 HP: 140 MP: 80

Kill the panther guardian first, then go after the boss. Although you
can't do anything about the panther casting Barrier on Rufus, you can
use magic instead to inflict damage. He can only hurt you with his
shotgun, so don't worry about healing yourself after each round (just
heal yourself when your life gets lower). Sock him with your Limit
Breaks and he'll escape onto the circling helicopter after you've
damaged him enough. Cloud will get a xx Cyokki and a Gaado Appu when
the battle ends.

Leave the rooftop and head back to where Tifa is waiting for you. As
Aerith, try to approach the front doors. After a short conversation,
you and the gang will escape by motorcycle (and truck). Your team is
now made up of Cloud, Tifa, and Barett.

An option screen appears where you have the following options:

S Left Attack
X Switch members
O Right Attack
T Main Menu
Start Return to game

Be sure to re-equip Materia before returning to the game!


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: Houshi no Pendanto.

Use the controller to move any any direction. Pressing S makes you slash
to the left, and pressing O makes you slash to the right. The object
here is to protect your friends in the truck from enemy cyclists.
Eventually, you'll reach a dead end and fight the boss. The amount of
life you start off with during the battle depends on how much life you
and your friends lost during the high-speed escape. If a character lost
all his life, he begins with only 1 point when the battle starts, but
since the boss gets to make the first attack, they'll have to be revived
using Phoenix Tails if there area any live party members left. The boss
is a spiked, armored robot with six wheels.

BOSS TIPS: MOOTAABOORU (Motor Bore) LV: 19 2600 MP: 120
(weak vs. Ikazuchi)

This boss gets a free attack from behind...sheesh. Most of his attacks
do little damage, but his flamethrower and flying fire sweep attacks
can kill your party in a single blast (the fire sweep does around 220
damage)! The best way to beat this group is have your party consist of
Aerith and Barett. Give the Zentaika and Kaifuku Materia to either
Cloud or Barett, and give the other character Ikazuchi. This way, you
can heal with one character, attack with another, and then use Aerith's
Limit Break to keep your life up at all times. Reiki works better than
Honou against the boss (for those characters that don't have Ikazuchi
equipped). Remember, your rows are reversed when attacked from behind,
so put Cloud and Barett in the back and Aerith in the front if you want
them to line up properly when the boss shows up. If you beat the boss,
you'll get a Houshi no Pendanto.


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: Eeteru x3, Piisumeekaa, Gaado Appu, 'Summon
Chocobo & Mogli' materia.

You'll find yourselves outside of the gate after beating the boss (you
could also see this scene by going south from the church where you met
Aerith the first time). Decide who will be in your group, then head
towards the screen to exit and arrive at the World Map (the outside

Outer World Controls

T Menu Screen
L2/R2 Change from overhead/side view
L1/R2 Same effect as L2/R2
Turn left/right (during side view)
Start shows World Map
Start x2 Shows Large World Map
Start x3 No map is shown
Select Same as Start

Head northeast to reach Kalm Town. Go into the inn to see the rest of
the gang waiting for you. Cloud will talk to the others about Sephiroth
via a series of semi-interactive flashbacks:

- You'll start off in a truck being driven by Shinra soldiers. After
talking to the soldiers and Sephiroth (Cloud's former ally in the
Shinra army and now a wanted criminal), the truck will be stopped
by a dragon. You'll have to fight it, but Sephiroth (who is super-
powerful) can kill it in two hits. In the flashback, Cloud's
portrait is different; this 'Young Cloud' is of a low level, but
Sephiroth is so strong that you need not worry about losing battles.
However, you can't control Sephiroth's actions and you can't hurt
him (because of your low level), either. Although Young Cloud comes
equipped with a Sensei Kougeki and Sephiroth has several mastered
materia equipped, you can't take them for your own (although you can
if you use a Game Shark code...see section 8). Also, Young Cloud
and Sephiroth can't use Limit Breaks (because they don't have any).

- After the battle, you'll end up in Nivelheim, Cloud's hometown.
Talk to Sephiroth and the guards if you wish, then head north.
If you want to look around the town, feel free to, but nothing
you do during this part of the game has an affect on the rest of
your quest. One thing you might want to do is go into Tifa's
house (the large building on the 'southeastern' side of town).
Choose the top option when you're prompted to, then go up the
stairs and choose the top option again. Approach the piano in
the nearby room and pick the bottom option; Cloud plays a tune
on the piano that you can play yourself when you arrive at
Nivelheim later in order to get Tifa's Limit Break manual (see
section 8 for details). Also note that you can't get Vincent
Valentine during Cloud's flashback because you can't examine
the safe :(

- When you're done looking around town, go to the inn and head
upstairs. Talk to Sephiroth twice and choose the bottom option.
The next day, talk to Sephiroth and get your picture taken, then
sit back and watch the FMV. When you're in control of Cloud,
head along the bridge and talk to Tifa, then talk to her again
further along the bridge and it will break. After you've
recovered, head northeast into the cave, then keep heading north.
Eventually, you'll arrive at the Jenova plant. Enter it, head
along the beams, then walk onto the wood platform and climb down
the chains and go after Sephiroth. Talk to him in the next area,
examine the chamber to the left of Sephiroth, then talk to him
twice, once to make him move out of the way and once to make Cloud
look inside the chamber. After Sephiroth goes ballistic, you'll
return to Kalm Town. Pick the top option to save your game, or
the bottom option to continue. Cloud's narrative starts off back
at Nivelheim, where he enters the large mansion at the edge of

- Inside, climb the two staircases and head to the right. Enter the
lower door and make your way into the next room; if you examine
the circular part of the stone wall, a passage appears. Enter it
and climb down the spiraling walkway until you reach the bottom;
keep walking from here to find a library. Leave after Sephiroth
finishes talking. After Cloud wakes up, return to the library.
Sephiroth gives a little speech then he exits the mansion; return
to the town square. Try entering the house to your right.

- Back at the Jenova plant, return to the area with the chambers after
witnessing the struggle between Tifa and Sephiroth. Examine Tifa to
carry her out of harm's way, then run up the stairs and enter the
door that Sephiroth opened. After the FMV sequence, Cloud's
flashback ends and you are returned to Kalm Town.

Note that you have to go to Kalm Town to proceed with the game; you can't
make your way through the Mithril Mines beforehand, although you can
visit the Chocobo Farm if you want to. As for treasure, there's an
Eeteru in the door beneath the stairs in the house near the inn, another
Eeteru in the cabinet on the second floor of the house to the right of
that house, and the Piisumeekaa (Peacemaker; a gun for Vincent) in the
chest on the second floor of the third house (take the curving stairs).
If you take the normal stairs in the same house, you can get a Gaado
Appu in the cabinet by the little girl. Finally, in the house on the
other side of the town, there is an Eeteru in the door beneath the stairs
on the north wall of the first floor. Oh, you'll be given the PHS (Party
Hensei System) when you talk to your allies on the first floor of the
inn; it allows you to switch group members whenever you want, providing
that you're in the World Map or standing on a Save Point.

Leave the town and head east to reach the Chocobo Farm. Talk to the
Chocobo at the front end of the pen and choose the top option to see
the big yellow birds dance; you'll get the 'Summon Chocobo and Mogli'
materia afterwards. Then, talk to Guringurin (the man with the hat)
in the stables behind the pen. Choose the first option, then the 4th
option, then the top option again. Providing you have 2000 gil to
spare, he'll sell you a 'Chocobo Yose' materia, which lets you attract
chocobos to ride.

To catch a chocobo, wander around outside on the chocobo tracks (in
this area of the game, you can meet them on the light patches of
grass, too), until you are attacked. If a chocobo is one of your
opponents, then kill off the other enemies and when the battle ends,
you'll be riding the chocobo. If you attack the chocobo, it will
hurt you and the other enemies, then escape, so you'll have to try
again. Don't forget, you can only fight chocobos if you have the
Chocobo Yose materia equipped. When riding a chocobo, your can move
around normally, and you won't get attacked by enemies. You can
press X to dismount, but if you do this, the Chocobo will run away
and you'll have to catch another one.

A little to the south and directly west of the Chocobo farm is a cave,
but a creeping snake in the marsh before the cave entrance will rise up
to attack you. Instead of trying to kill it now, go get a Chocobo
instead, who can outrun the snake and enter the cave. Yes, you will
still get attacked if the snake touches your chocobo.

BOSS TIPS: MIDOGARU ZUORUMU (Midgar Zolem?) LV: 26 HP: 4000 MP: 348

This boss has two deadly attacks: one is a tail swipe that knocks a team
member off-screen and puts them out of commission for the rest of the
battle. The other one is the Beta enemy skill, which inflicts around
1000-1200 points of damage (which spells instant defeat if your allies
are weak, although you should try to pick up this skill if you have a
Teki no Waza equipped). Along with his bite attack, this serpent can be
a tough enemy if you try to fight him earlier in the game. It's easier
if you try to defeat him after you have Cid's airplane, since you can
use Limit Breaks and powerful Shoukan and Mahou spells to kill it.
Unfortunately, you get a measly amount of EXP, AP, and gil for beating
the boss and what's worse, he reappears when you return to the World
Map, so you're right back where you started.

The first time you reach here, you'll see a large snake impaled on a
tree. Just exit the screen to continue playing. Also, if you get
off your chocobo while on the patch of grass before the mine entrance,
he'll stay there in case you need to return to the farm (this doesn't
seem to happen all the time--I don't know why, either).


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: Eeteru, Tento, Enkyori Kougeki materia, Maindo
Appu x2, Erikusaa, Pawaa Risuto, 'Summon Shiva'
materia, Tendan or Poosyon x6 or Eeteru x6, Teki
no Waza materia, 1/35ths Shinra Doll x2, Rakku Appu,
Pawaa Appu, Gaado Appu, Supiido Appu, xx Megane or
HP Appu materia or Foosuiitaa.

Inside the Mithril Mine, head northeast to find a green Eeteru on the
stone steps. In the chest is a Tento, so be sure to grab it. If you
try climbing up the brown vine on the western rock face, you'll find
a purple materia (Enkyori Kougeki). Climb back down, return to the
first area, then head left. Make your way southeast to find a chest
with a Maindo Appu inside, then head west to reach the next area.
Here, you'll run into some of the Turks again: Ruudo, Iriina, and Shon.
Once they leave, walk north. There's a chest with a Erikusaa inside
it and a Haipoosyon just to the north of the chest. Return to the area
where you met the Turks, climb up the vine, and go through the door to
exit the mine and return to the World Map.

Nearby is a rocky outcropping with a huge bird statue atop it, the Condor
Fort. Enter it and choose the second option when talking to the man out
front. After climbing up the rope, you'll find yourself in a town built
into the rock itself. There is a Save Point, item shop, bedroom (you can
sleep for free), and Materia shop here. Talk to everyone, then leave and
go northwest through the forest to Junon Town by the shore.

Once you arrive at Junon, talk to the villagers, then go down the stairs
to the shore. Here, a young girl named Purishira is playing with a
dolphin. Out of nowhere, a big flying boss shows up and attacks her,
then your party.

BOSS TIPS: BOTOMUSUWARU (Bottom Swayer?) LV: 23 HP: 2500 MP: 100

There's not much to worry about; just attack with Ikazuchi or Doku spells
and keep your life up. Since this guy's flying, some characters can't
attack him (like Barett), while some can (like Cloud). Find out which
guys should be casting magic and which should be attacking early on in
the battle. Sometimes, the boss puts an hp-reducing bubble around a
character. It only disappears if you cast a magic spell upon it (this
won't hurt the 'bubbled' person). If you have the Zentaika Materia,
you can use this to cast a spell on the bubbled person and the boss at
the same time. Before dying, the boss will attack with a wave, (he
can do this normally, but always does one before he disappears) so watch
out and make sure your hp is high enough to withstand an attack. If you
want, you can equip characters (like Barett) with weaker weapons so that
they can attack the boss, but it may not be worth it. You'll receive
a Pawaa Risuto when the battle is over.

After killing the boss, you'll have to revive Purishira. To do this,
watch the lung-shaped meter that appears in the upper right. Press
the S button once to make the meter start to raise. Just as it reaches
the top, press S again to make Cloud breathe into the girl's mouth.
It will take a couple of tries. Afterwards, go to the house near the
entrance to town and talk to the person there (for some reason, choosing
the top option won't make Cloud go to bed, but if you go back in the
house and try again, he will go to sleep).

During the night, Cloud will have another bad dream. In the morning,
leave and go to the house above the stairs (your friends will be
gathered near it). Purishira will give you the Shiva summon materia,
a gift for saving her life. Follow her to the shore, then talk to her
a second time. Barett will show up and the girl will keep talking;
when you have the chance, choose the middle option. Your goal in this
part of the game is to leap atop the iron beam above the electrical
tower so that you can sneak into the heart of Junon Town. Your
controls are:

X Swim faster
S Makes the dolphin flip you into the air

If you get to close to the electric blasts traveling along the tower,
you'll get shocked and will have to try again (just pick the second
option). The easiest way to get up there is to simply not move and
press S. The dolphin will miss and deposit you near the bottom of
the screen. However, you'll be perfectly positioned, so if you press
X again, Cloud will land on the beam. Once you're on it, head to the
left to get a good view of the flying airship 'Highwind'. Make your
way south (towards the 'front' of the screen) to continue.

The next area has a higher and lower level. If you investigate the box-
like switch, you'll be taken to the lower level. From there, head south
to find a building. There is a projecting roof nearby which has a door
underneath it; just press against the edge and you'll enter a hallway
filled with soldiers. In the halls, go up to find a locker room. Check
out the half-open locker and choose the second option to dress up as a
guard. When the captain of the guards asks you another question, pick
the bottom answer.

Then, leave the locker and take note of the Save Point before heading
through the door (follow the other soldiers). Now that you're outside,
go into the first alleyway. You'll come across a group of marching
soldiers. The head guard will want you to join in and march with them
perfectly, so it may take a couple of attempts before this event will
end. You also have to move your gun in time with the soldiers by
pressing and releasing the O button. Depending on how high or low the
counter was during this scene (the one in the lower right-hand corner),
you will get the following:

21% = Tendan (Bomb) Item
37% - 39% = Poosyon x6 (Potion) Item
45% (?) = Eeteru x6 (Ether) Item
(I'll figure out the rest later....)

Afterwards, you'll have to stand at attention while Rufus and Haidekkaa
talk to each in any direction and the captain of the guard
will tell you to get back in line. After the rest of the soldiers leave,
the captain will give you an option; choose either option and you'll
return to the locker room for some training on the next event. There,
you can try to follow the captain's orders, if you wish. When he asks
you a question, choose the top choice to try training again, or the
bottom option to finish the training. Once the soldiers leave, follow
them outside.

Now's your chance to do a little shopping and treasure hunting. You'll
run into Ruudo in the basement of the first weapon shop, but he won't
recognize you in your Shinra guard uniform. Go through the third door
and talk to the guard near the back of the room, then jump down to an
area with several Shinra guards and some holograms. In the far corner
of the room is a yellow materia (Teki no Waza). This place (I believe)
is similar to the 'House of Learning' back in Area 7 Town where you
could learn about the game's mechanics. On the second floor of the
same building, you can get a 1/35ths miniature Shinra guard doll and a
Maindo Appu. In the room with the cats nearby is a Rakku Appu. On the
third floor is a red Pawaa Appu and a green Gaado Appu.

If you enter the fourth door on the other side of town, you'll find that
that Iriina, Rudo, and Shon of the Turks are here. It's a good thing
that you're in that uniform :) Go through the sixth door to find a room
with a soldier; you can check the silver trashcan for a message and pick
up a yellow Supiido Appu in the side room. On the floor above, you can
pick up another 1/35th miniature Shinra guard doll.

In the next area, Haidekkaa and Rufus show up again. You have to do
your salute according to what the captain of the guard tells you to do
(remember your training)! At the very end, all you have to do is be
facing forward: pressing any button will make you do the 'spinning gun'
salute. Unfortunately, the order of commands is random each time you
play, so just do your best. Afterwards, you can press the following
buttons to make Cloud do funny things:

S Scratch back with gun
X Put one leg forward
T Shrug
Pad Stand at attention

Depending on how well you did during the salute, Heidekkaa will give you
an item. Each 'button press' action was worth 10 points, and the final
salute was worth 30 points. Changing direction was worth 0 points, but
unless you were facing in the correct direction, any action you performed
was worth 0 points. Also, performing an action was worth 0 points if you
did it too late (although you'll get full points if you do the action
early). Your total score determines what you will receive (notice that
Rufus' reactions change depending on what item you will be given):

000 - 050 = xx Megane Accessory
060 - 090 = HP Appu (HP Up) Independent Materia
100 - 190 = Foosuiitaa (Force Eater) Weapon for Cloud
200 = (I'll figure out this one later....)

After everyone else leaves, Red 13 (who was watching from just inside the
boat) will talk to you if you try to leave instead of boarding the boat.
Either way, you'll end up joining your friends in the boat's hull.


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: Eeteru, Zentaika materia, xx Ri, Howaitokeepu.

Open the treasure chest to get an Eeteru, and be sure to pick up the blue
materia (Zentaika). Talk to the people here, then go up on the deck and
talk to everyone else; you'll notice that some of them are your companions
(don't miss Red 13 :)). The man in white will sell you items if you talk
to him. Once you're done, go back down and talk to Aerith, then return
to the deck and go all the way to the left; one of the guards has left,
allowing you to sneak to the front of the ship.

Here, talk to Barett, who is spying on the Shinra members. After talking
to him a couple of times, an alarm will sound. Go back to the center of
the boat to find your friends. Then, assemble your party. If you want
to change the setup, talk to your friends again. When you're ready, go
downstairs and head through the door that the one guard was standing in
front of. In the next room, watch out for enemies and climb up the
ladder, the walkway leads to a chest with a xx Ri (a weapon for Yuffie)
inside. Did you get all the items on the boat? When you're ready, go
and talk to the captain of the guards. It turns out that he's dead.
Then, Sephiroth shows up, and summons a huge monster for you to fight
before he flies away.

BOSS TIPS: JENOBA*BIRTH (Jenova*Birth) LV: 25 HP: 4000 MP: 110

Daichi, Honou, and Reiki magic work well against it, but don't use Doku.
Attack with your Summon Materia and hit it with everything you've got.
Keeping your HP up is a priority, since it can use lasers to attack one
or all members. Only use physical attacks if you are running low on MP.
The boss can cast 'Stop' on a single ally so make sure that you're not
too dependent on any one character during the battle. Some Phoenix
Tails will also come in handy, since the boss sometimes uses a laser
that hits all allies (Terror Laser) twice in a row (which can inflict
loads of damage). You'll get a Howaitokeepu when the battle is over.


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: 'Summon Ifrit' materia, Pawaa Appu x2,
Mootaadoraibu, Honou no Yubiwa, W Mashingan, Eeteru
Taabo, Henshin materia, Wizaadoroddo, Houshi no
Pendanto, x no x x2, Fenikkusu no Bi x10, Maindo
Appu, Tento.

Grab the red Materia (Summon Ifrit) after the battle and wait for the
boat to dock. Talk to the people here and then go up the stairs. A
short automatic sequence follows. In the next area, go into the door
to meet a shady guy who will sell you this room for 30 gil; you can
sleep here for free anytime you want afterwards. Climb down the stairs
in the bottom part of the room to reach a basement with a sleeping man.
You can get a Pawaa Appu, and a Mootaadoraibu here, as well as a Honou no
Yubiwa from the treasure chest. You'll meet Mukkii (from the cabaret in
the Wall Market) in the bar, as well as some of his friends. If you go
down to the beach, you'll run into Houjou (the scientist you met in the
Shinra HQ). You can talk to him if you want, but you won't get anything
out of it.

Outside of the town, head through the mountains and across the bridge.
You'll find a cave-like entrance. Talk to the man on the hill, then
keep heading north. Eventually, you'll reach a walkway that leads to
a large Makoro furnace. Head south and follow the train tracks; there's
no point in looking around here. Keep going, and you'll come across
some curving tracks and a Save Point. As you walk along the tracks, you
can get the following items: W Mashingan, Eeteru Taabo, and a Henshin

These tracks are rickety, and when you walk across them in certain areas
a message will appear telling you to press O so that you don't fall
through them. It's better to let yourself fall, because you can then
hold left or right and rapidly press O to land beneath the tracks. Then,
press Up to climb back up. If you landed on the left side of the tracks,
you can pick up a Wizaadoroddo. If you landed in the middle, you can't
get anything, but if you landed on the right side, you'll find a Houshi
no Pendanto. There are three places where you can fall through the
tracks, so be sure to get these items.

Take the upper rail path to the next area. Are your friends waiting for
you on the lower track? If they're not, then go back and take the lower
path. You'll get an option to summon them using the PHS system (NSS).
Assuming they're there, take the upper path and keep walking until you
find a wooden shed. Enter it and pick the top choice when you're
prompted to make a decision. This will lower the tracks on the bottom
path. Before returning to the lower rail path and following after your
allies, you can walk to the end of the path you're on and climb the wall;
you'll hear birds chirping if you're in the right place.

After finding the nest, you can choose to take the treasure in the nest
(the top option), or leave the birds alone (the bottom option). If you
choose the top option, you're attacked.

TIPS: KOKATORISU (Cocatrice) LV: 17 HP: 420 MP: 0

This guy's easy; just attack until it dies. You'll get 10 Fenikkusu no
Bis should you kill it. You can get two x no x from it; one by stealing,
the other by killing it with Henka (Morph).

You'll get 10 Fenikkusu no Bis after the battle is over. Cloud will then
return to the train tracks. Keep in mind that this is a one-shot deal;
whether you decide to take the treasure or not, you can only make a choice
one time. As you're traveling along the lower rail path, you'll see a
part where the track splits in two directions. Take the left path (the
one that turns back). Walk north (towards the bridge), then right (under
the first bridge). It may sound confusing, but you'll end up in a little
shack where there's a bunch of items and a man resting on a bulldozer.
There's a Maindo Appu and a Pawaa Appu here, and the chest has a Tento
inside of it. Leave and follow the other path across the bridge in the
next area to reach the town of North Corel.


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: 'Summon Ramuh' materia, x no xx.

There's some merchants here at North Corel and an inn. You can also
learn more about Barett here, whether he's in your party or not. When
you're done shopping and chatting, go to the sky lift. After Barett has
a flashback about his friend Dain, take the lift up to the Gold Saucer.
You can return to the World Map by heading right from the bottom area of
the town, but there's nothing to do out there (aside from saving your
game or riding around on a Chocobo).

You'll see a Save Point in the background of the first area of the Gold
Saucer, but you'll need GP (not gil, like what you've been using) to
activate it. Pay the man to get in (the first choice is for a one-time
entrance, the second choice will let you enter as often as you'd like),
and then choose the path of your choice after your companions separate.

If you try to leave the Station Square (the area where you're at; all
the areas in the Saucer are divided into 'squares'), Aerith will join
you. As you explore the rest of the Gold Saucer, you'll discover that
Shinra soldiers are snooping around, looking for Sephiroth. When
you're ready to move on, go to the Wonder Square. Here, you'll meet
Cait Sith, a would-be fortuneteller. He'll automatically join you since
you only have two members (you and your friend) at this point.

Go to the Battle Square and you'll find a bunch of dead bodies; the
handiwork of Sephiroth. As you're talking to the few who are still
alive, Dio, the proprietor of the Gold Saucer shows up and promptly
blames you for the carnage. Cait Sith makes a dash for freedom, but
after following him, the party is trapped. Dio and his henchmen then
summon three large robots that throw you and your allies through the
'Gateway to Heaven' to a desolate area, the Corel Prison, which lies
at the base of the Gold Saucer.

Here, you'll find Barett. After he runs away, examine the dead body
and talk to the other guy before going though the southern gate. There
is a treasure chest here (in the chamber at the base of the ladder), but
it's already opened (anyone know if there's supposed to be something in
it that you could have gotten earlier?)

In the second area, talk to everyone here. The building to the far
southeast is a bar, and a man inside will sell you items. After looking
around here, enter the building to the east (it doesn't matter which
entrance you take). Barett will show up once you're inside, as will
Tifa and Aerith. After Barett's flashback (in which his best friend
falls down a gorge and North Corel is razed to the ground), reassemble
your team and go back to the first area. Examine the guard (who is
dead), then either leave through the gate. If you exit by going through
the area between the gate and the building to the right, you'll end up
wandering around in a wasteland until a caravan (the same one that Tifa
was captured in) shows up. When it does, pick the top option to get a
ride back to the area beyond the gate or choose the bottom option to
stay where you are (in the middle of'll have to keep
wandering around until the caravan shows up again).

Anyway, once you've gone past the gate, talk to the man out here and go
to the _right_. Any other direction leaves you stranded in the desert
(read the above paragraph again if you want to get back on track). This
takes you to the caryard. Go up from here and you'll run into none
other than Dain (the guy from Barett's flashback). He tells Barett
about Erenoa and Marin (who is actually his daughter), then (for what
reason, I have no idea), decides to attack Barett. In the battle,
you're forced to fight using just Barett.

BOSS TIPS: DAIN LV: 23 HP: 1200 MP: 20

The easiest way to kill this boss is simply let him hit you; his attacks
increase your Limit meter quickly. Use the Kaifuku Materia to restore
lost life, then hit him with the Heavy Shot when your meter maxes out.
A summoning Materia (like Shiva or Ifrit) is also a good way to inflict
added damage. Just make sure you have all the MPs you need, and you can
win in no time. The boss can pull off a final attack before dying, so
keep your life up (but he can't do it if you kill him fast enough). You
get a x no xx (a bracelet - 34/4/22/2c/2s) for beating him.

After Barett's friend dies, you'll find yourself back in the trailer.
After talking to Kooshi (Coach?), you'll be invited to become a Chocobo
racer. In the elevator shaft, choose the top option to have the racing
process explained to you (NSS), or pick the bottom one to skip it. In
the room with the other men, check the alcove by the Chocobo poster for
a red Summon Materia (Ramuh). Then, talk to the girl in pink (Esuto) to
start racing.

Your controls as a Chocobo racer are:

S Speed Up
X Speed Down
O Dash (uses up your Dash Meter)
Select Switch between Automatic and Manual control
R1+R2 Hold these buttons to refill your Dash Meter.

The more you Dash, the slower your walking speed is, so conserve your
Dash Meter for when you really need it. You have to keep racing until
you win, so get good fast! Esuto will explain the controls to you again
prior to the race if you choose the top option, or you can conclude your
conversation with her and start racing by choosing the bottom option.
If you can't get the hang of it, then just keep racing using the
Automatic Sequence mode until you get first place.

After winning, you'll receive the Bagii (Buggy) as first prize, and can
now roam freely about the overworld and even pass through shallow rivers!
(Look for lighter-shaded fords along the rivers.) Your controls are set
up in the following manner:

X Exit buggy
O Enter buggy
T Main Menu
Select/Start World Map (press repeatedly to enlarge/hide map)
L1/R1 Rotate view (or return to side view if in overhead view)
L2/R2 Change view

You _can_ run into enemies in the buggy, so be careful. Also, you can
only return to the Golden Saucer if you take the sky lift from North
Corel Town; you can't get there using the buggy. If you go across the
river south from the Golden Saucer and look around, you'll find a house
on a peninsula; you can't explore it yet, so ignore it for now. BTW,
you can return to the desert if you get in the buggy, enter the dirt pit
surrounding the Saucer, and touch the houses at the base of the Saucer.
However, you'll find that there's nothing to do here but wander through
the desert--do so long enough and the same cart that Tifa was abducted
in will pull up and offer you a ride back to your vehicle. Choose the
top option to accept and the bottom option to stay where you are. And
as the help menu indicates, it's possible to return to Junon Town and
take the Buggy with you. After you've completed the scenario with Cid,
you can explore the house on the penninsula; you can also get Aerith's
Level 4 Limit Break manual at that point in the game (see section 14
for details).


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: Fiiariteiru, Ekusupoosyon x2, 'Summon Titan'
materia, Hissatsu materia, Tsuika Kouka Materia,
Eeteru, Burakkumegahon, Ekusupoosyon, Fiiariringu,
Eeteru Taabo, Waizaaroddo, Juuryoku Materia
(later you can get an Erikusaa, Majikku Appu, and
a Fulkea materia)

Your next goal should be to head south from the Golden Saucer across the
river to a forested area. Go into the black structure (it's called
Jungle, for some reason). Reno and Ruudo are here. After Iriina shows
up and alerts the other Turks to your prescence, you'll be asked a
question. No matter what your answer is, you'll have to fight
Reno and Ruudo at the same time.

BOSS TIPS: RENO LV: 22 HP: 2000 MP: 80
RUUDO LV: 23 HP: 2000 MP: 135

Use Summoning spells to even the odds at the start of the round, then go
after either one. Once you injure one enough times, he'll leave, then
the other one will. It may be better to attack Ruudo, since he can heal
himself and Reno, but then again, Reno can inflict more damage. In any
case, this fight isn't too hard either way. You'll get a Fiariiteiru
and a Ekusupoosyon should you win the battle.

After the Turks leave, head northeast, then go north to reach a pile of
scrapped machinery. As you're looking around, Sukaretto and Shon show
up in the Shinra helicopter and talk about 'Huge Materia' (which you'll
learn more about in Disc 2). After they leave, examine the area where
Sukaretto was standing and choose the bottom option to get the 'Summon
Titan' materia. Then go back to the first area and head left. In the
second area, there is a Hissatsu materia near the left path (which
returns you to the World Map). If you take the north path, you'll
arrive at Gongaga Town.

Be sure to visit the stores (don't forget that you can climb up the pole
in the Accessory Shop to reach a room where you can buy weapons) and
get the treasure chests from the inn (Ekusupoosyon) and the old man's
house (Howaitomegahon). If you go into the far right house, you'll meet
an old couple who apparently know Cloud (or someone just like him), and
someone else named Zekkusu. When you're done here, return to the World
Map. Head southwest, then turn toward the river and go over the
shallows, and then make your way up through the mountains to reach Cosmo
Canyon. If you try to drive past the town, the buggy will short out,
so you don't really have any choice but to enter the town (and you can't
get anywhere else without the buggy, so even if you didn't drive it past
Cosmo Canyon and entered on foot, it wouldn't matter....)

When you approach the man at the gate, Red 13 will talk to him (he'll
either bound up the steps past your party if he's not with you, or he'll
just leave your party and start talking if he was with you previously).
Everyone here knows Red 13 by the name 'Nanaki'. After Red heads up the
stairs, talk to the guard and choose the bottom option to be let into the
town (Red 13 will reappear to make sure you guys get in). If he was in
your party, you'll have the option to make a new team; otherwise, you can
look around town freely. Don't miss the Save Point located in the
Tigerlily Arms Shop. In the Item Shop, there is a passage with a red
rope across it that prevents you from checking out the room in the back.
Keep this place in mind because if you return to Cosmo Canyon in Disc 2
or 3, the rope will have been removed and you can get an Erikusaa, a
Majikku Appu, and the Fulkea materia orb from the back room.

Eventually head up to the observatory, where you'll run into Red 13
and Buugen Haagen, an old geezer who knows all kinds of things. After
Red 13 leaves, go back down and talk to your friends in order to make
a new party. Then talk to Red 13 in the room connected to the inn
before returning to the observatory. Enter the side door, chat with
Buugen Haagen, and you'll see a short FMV sequence.

When it's over, return to the large bonfire to the right of the
entrance. Your friends are here. Talk to everyone here, then chat
with Red 13 a second time. Buugen Haagen will show up, and you'll
make a new group (with Red 13 as a permanent member). If you want
someone else, just talk to another ally (it doesn't matter which one).
Follow Buugen Haagen back to the sealed door above the weapons shop
and talk to him, then choose the top option. He'll open the door for
you. Enter and climb down to the very bottom of the shaft, then head

In the next area, head right and up until you see a hole facing left*.
Enter it and you'll be given an option. Pick the top one to make an
opening appear nearby. Go through it, then head up and left. You'll
slide on the oil and hit a spiked wall, reducing every member's HP by
500 points. Then go south, through the hole, and head right to reach
the Combination materia you couldn't get in the first area (Tsuika
Kouka). Go back and carefully _walk_ along the edge of the path to
avoid slipping across the oil. Then go right, up, left, down the
stairs, and through the underpassage to reach a chest with an Eeteru
inside of it. Then return to the stairs and go left, then down to
find a second chest containing a Burakkumegahon. Then climb back up
the stairs and head to the upper-left to leave this area.

* If you enter any of the other three holes, you'll be given the
same option, but if you choose the top choice, you'll be attacked.
Doing this doesn't seem to alter the level in any way, but you're
better off doing this after you've cleared the _whole_ area out
instead of doing it right now; I'd rather be safe than sorry, in
my opinion.

There are five passages in this area; you only want to take the 2nd and
4th passages from the left. First, take the 4th passage. When you
touch the web beyond it, you'll have to fight a giant spider (Stinger).
When you've killed it, follow the path north to find a chest with an
Ekusupoosyon inside. Then go back and take the 2nd passage from the
left. Kill the Stinger that attacks you when you touch the web and then
head left and down. As you're going through the tunnel, hold right and
you'll find an alternate path that leads to yet another treasure chest.
You'll find a Faeriiringu in it. Go back up to where the web was and
walk north to find another web. Past it is the exit, but try holding
left and Cloud will go along a passage hidden by the rock that leads to
a chest. There's an Eeterutaabo inside.

When you approach the giant face in the next cavern, it begins to move
and you are attacked.


Don't worry about the Soul Fires this boss has with him; just use your
Summon Materia, then concentrate on attacking and using Limit Breaks on
the big guy himself. If your spell Materia has hit second level, then
Reiki and Ikazuchi work nicely on him. You don't even need to worry
about your life much; the boss can be taken down before any serious
damage is done to your party. You'll get a Waizaaroddo for winning the

Grab the spell Materia (Juuryoku) that's left behind and follow Buugen
Haagen up the steps. After the sequence with Red 13 and the other
creature (his father, who was transformed into metal or something?),
make a new party and leave the town. Don't worry, Red 13 will rejoin
you when you try to leave. Oh yes, the Buggy will be working again
when you leave Cosmo Canyon.


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: Rakku Appu x2, Erikusaa x2, Purachinafisuto, Eeteru
Taabo, Shirubaamegahon, Shiinvaipaa, Enemiiranchya,
Majikku Appu, Shoumetsu Materia (and if you open
up the safe, you can get a Kosumomemorii and the
'Summon Odin' materia, not to mention a Key Item
(the gold key), Ruunbureido, Purachinabaretta,
Oobaasouru, Zentaika Materia, Zokusei Materia,
Sunaipa CR, Jyueruringu, Kauntaa Materia.

Get in the buggy and continue past Cosmo Canyon. Head north to find a
river with a shallow ford you can cross. Past it, the mountains are
of a different type than what you usually see. Near them is a small
town, Nivelheim. Look familiar? It's the same one Sephiroth and Cloud
went to in Cloud's flashback.

First, go into the inn. Talk to the black creature in the back to get
a Rakku Appu. You can get an Erikusaa from another one of the creatures
in the Item Shop, and a second Rakku Appu if you talk to the small
creatures in the upper floor of the southeastern house. The large house
to the east is Tifa's home, and you'll be given a Purachinafisuto and an
Eeteru Taabo if you talk to the creatures here. There's a piano in
Tifa's room that you can fool around with (see section 14 for details).

Now, go into the large mansion at the edge of town. Left of the
entrance is a piece of paper written by the Turks (?). It has
several hints on it that clue you in to the combination of the safe on
the upper floor (but it's useless if you don't know Japanese :)). So,
head right and look for the sliver of light near the stairway, it's
very hard to see. It's an opening that leads to the lower section of
another room. There's a chest here, with a Shirubaamegahon inside.
Go back out and go into the northern door beneath the staircase. In
the adjoining hall, head right and and up to find a chest with a
Shiinvaipaa in it. To the left is a room with a broken piano (which
you could have also reached by looking for the opening near the left
staircase in the main room).

Go up the stairs and head left. In the circular room is a chest that
has an Enemiiranchya within it. There's nothing in the northern room
except for a locked safe--you'll need the right combination in order
to open it (see section 14 if you don't know how). If you want to
try your luck, examine it with the O button and choose the top option
to enter the combination or the bottom option to quit.

Open the safe (or not), then go right and into the right wing of the
manor house. If you go up, you'll find a chest with a Majikku Appu
inside. Then go into the lower room and examine the curved wall to
open a secret passage. Go down the spiralling walkway, and then head
right. If you got the gold key from the safe, you can open the
northern door (refer to section 14 for details). Continue to the
right to find a libarary. Then go north and you'll run into none
other than Sephiroth, who will pelt you with a green materia before
flying away. Be sure to get the materia (Shoumetsu) before leaving
the mansion.

Once you're back outside, leave Nivelheim from the northern entrace
and contine along until you see a passage leading into the mountains.
In the next area, follow the path until it splits, and take the north
path, which wraps around the back of a spire and leads to a chest
with a Ruunbureido inside of it. Now go back and follow the original
path. You'll notice that just before the bridge, there's a path that
curves away to the north. Follow it up into the mountains and when
it curves south, take that path instead of continuing in the same
direction. The path curves several times, but eventually you'll make
it to the top of the mountain, where you can get a chest with a
Purachinabaretta. It may help if you press SELECT so that you can see
yourself when a mountain is blocking your view, and if you can't seem
to get any further, press in other directions (like down) to scale the
back of the mountain.

Go back down to the main path and head up the bridge. Inside the
cavern, take the ladder down instead of the tubes, or you won't be
able to get all the treasure in this area. You don't have to worry
about the large boss near the door just yet. Feel free to make use
of the Save Point, then climb back to the top of the area. Enter the
pipe labled '2' to end up on a rocky ledge. There's an item bag here
with the Oobaasouru inside; get it and then press down to jump down
to a lower ledge, then press down again to reach the floor. Climb back
up one last time and go into the pipe labled '4' in order to reach the
treasure chest on the bottom ledge below; there's a Zentaika materia
lying within. Walk against the right edge of the ledge to drop down
to the floor.

See the path heading south, just below the path that the boss is
blocking? Follow it to go outside, then try to keep walking and you'll
drop down to the lower ledge. Following the path here leads to a dead
end, so enter the cave instead and take the righthand path once you're
inside. Ignore the exit at the other end of the cave and work your way
southwest, then go through the small hole. Walk up, then left, then
down in order to reach the treasure chest you could see when you first
came in here. Inside it is an Erikusaa. Now go through the exit to
arrive at a wooded area. On the ground, to the left of the mass of
crystalized Materia is a Zokusei materia. Take it and proceed north,
going through the opening to go back into the caves.

Inside, head to the right, then go up as far as you can and walk left
past the stone walls to reach a chest containing a Sunaipa CR. Then
go back and take the rightmost passage. It goes south and leads you
back to the outside. From here, head left (going right leads you to
a dead end). You'll eventually end up at the Jenova Plant you visited
in Cloud's flashback. There's nothing to do inside the plant, so
continue beyond it to the door set in the rock wall. Enter it and
you'll end up back in the chamber with the pipes again.

It's true that you could have taken the door and done this entire
sequence in reverse, but then you couldn't have scaled the ledge and
you would have to go all the way back, instead of taking the express
route like you just did :) Now climb down and examine the boss, and
it will attack you.

BOSS TIPS: MATERIAKIIPAA <Materia Keeper> LV: 38 HP: 8400 MP: 300

Don't use Honou-related attacks; it'll only heal him. Red 13's Limit
Break B1/1 works well, as does Cloud's B2/1 Limit Break. I'd also
suggest using the 'Chocobo and Moogli' materia as much as you can--it's
ability to stun this boss is very useful. Physical attacks should do the
trick if you have good weapons; save your MPs for healing yourselves.
Kealra and Zentaika Materia are a good combination (remember to link
them when selecting holders) if you want to stay alive, since the boss
can inflict 300-800 points of damage with its stabbing/mauling attacks.
Also, he can heal himself (around 1000 hp's worth), and use the damaging
Tryne skill, which causes about 500 points of damage to all those still
alive. If Red's learned his B1/2 break or someone knows Haste, it would
be a wise idea to use it at the start of the round. Since the Materia
Keeper is one of the few enemies that can use Tryne, it comes highly
recommended that you have a Teki no Waza materia equipped so that you
can learn this enemy technqiue. You'll get a Jyueruringu should you
be victorius.

After the battle is over, examine the purple materia that is left behind
in order to take it (Kauntaa). Then follow the path outside--it leads
back to the World Map.


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: Pawaa Appu, xxxxx, Doriruaamu, Ejinkooto.

Head southwest, then turn north (you're making a big C around the
mountains). Keep walking and you'll see Rocket Town up ahead. In
the Accessory Shop, you'll recieve a message if you go to the left end
of the counter and examine it (anyone know what it means?) If you go
into the house farthest to the right, you can find a chest with a
Pawaa Appu inside of it in next to the stove. Then talk to the old man
standing near the house that's just left of the rocket's launch pad.
Talk to him again, and he'll ask you a question. Pick the top answer
and the view will pan up to show the rocket. Then the old geezer will
give you the xxxxx (a weapon for Cloud - a56 d100 2s).

Go into the house to the right of the old man. This is the home of
Shiera and Cid, although neither of them are around at the moment.
There's a chest here with a Doriruaamu inside it. If you go out the
back entrance, you'll find a light airplane in the backyard--it's one
of Cid's inventions, the 'Tiny Bronco'. After looking at the airplane,
Shiera will show up. When she leaves, go outside and head north to
arrive at the rocket--climb inside it to find Cid. After chatting with
him, name him. You can then ask him several questions; you have to at
least ask the first one (top choice) in order to proceed with the game.
Then leave the rocket and return to Cid's house. Shiera will show up,
then Cid, too. After Cid goes out back, Shiera will explain how Cid
was going to pilot his rocket into outer space some time ago, but
aborted the launch when he discovered that Shiera was still making last-
minute checks and hadn't left the launch pad yet; she would be burned
to ashes since the launch could only be aborted, not delayed. By saving
her life, Cid's dreams were shattered, since he did not have the
resources to repair the falling rocket.

Cid comes back into the house, then Parumaa shows up--an employee of
Shinra. Go outside and you'll run into Rufus and a Shinra guard, who
have come to 'borrow' the Tiny Bronco. After Shiera brings you back
inside the house, go out the back entrance to find Parumaa standing
atop the Tiny Bronco. Talk to him and he'll attack you.

BOSS TIPS: PARUMAA <Palmer> LV: 38 HP: 6000 MP: 240

His gun causes a fair amount of damage since it has the effects of
Faira, Blizara, and Sandara, so make sure Aerith is in your party or
that you have some Kaifuku Materia. Use Haste + Zentaika on your party
and Slow magic and/or Summon Chocobo on him to even the odds a bit.
You'll want to have Cloud's B2/2 by now--it comes in handy. You'll
receive an Ejinkooto when the battle is over.

After the boss gets wasted (heh, heh), your party and Cid will escape
on the Tiny Bronco. Although it gets damaged during your escape it
can still be used to skim across shallow water and traverse rivers
(although you can't go up or down waterfalls). Here are the airplane

X Exit airplane
O Enter airplane
Select/Start World Map (press repeatedly to enlarge/hide map)
L1/R1 Rotate view (or return to side view if in overhead view)
L2/R2 Change view

You now have several options that are available to you: you can get
Aerith's Level 4 Limit Break manual (see section 14 for details) or
go on Yuffie's sub-quest (if you have her in your party, see section
6 for further information). Even if you don't have Yuffie, you can
purchase some pretty good weapons and find some treasure chests
lying around in Uutai, so you may want to stop there anyways. You
can even go back and kill the big snake you had to flee from in
section 3k, if you've been itching to do so (you'll now have enough
HPs to learn the enemy skill 'Beta' from it without dying). In any
case, it would be a good idea to explore other areas and pick up items
you missed/buy stuff you couldn't afford before instead of continuing
on your quest just yet. I would suggest checking out the excavators'
site to the north, since you can pick up the powerful 'Summon Kujata'
materia there as well as buy some useful bracelets and items (see
section 3u for details).


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: xx Cyokki, Chyokobo no Hane, Erikusaa

Pilot the Tiny Bronco back to the Gold Saucer area. Go to the
weaponsmith's house on the penninsula near the dirt pit and talk to
him--he'll explain that you need the Kiiston (Keystone), which he no
longer has. Get back in Cid's airplane, and leave it on the shore by
the dirt pit. You need to get to the Golden Saucer, so either walk or
find a wild Chocobo and ride it back to North Corel. Then take the
sky lift up to the Gold Saucer. Go to the Battle Square and look for
an opening on the right side of the room labled 'Dio's Show Room'.
Inside, examine the glittering object on top of the large stand; it's
the Kiiston. Dio, the big lug who threw you out of the Gold Saucer
before, will show up and offer you a challenge: fight in the Battle
Square and he'll give you the Kiiston. When you have a choice, pick
the top option to accept or the bottom option to temporarily decline.
You'll now have to fight in the Battle Square using only Cloud. Keep
in mind that even if you lose the very first battle, Dio will still
give you the Kiiston.

If you want to try and see if you can win all the battles, then keep
fighting. After each battle, the message 'GREAT!' will appear,
followed by two options. Choose the right option to stop fighting,
or the left option to continue fighting. If you choose to continue,
a jackpot-like device will appear. You can stop it from spinning
by pressing the O button, and whatever comes up when you press O will
take affect prior to the start of the next battle. Depening on what
you get, different things will happen to you, although certain
accessories can render you immune to some of the more debiliating

Furthermore, the status ailments that you are afflicted with as a
result of the jackpot stay with you from battle to battle, and you're
forced to stop the jackpot after each battle, so you could end up
being a poisoned, petrified frog in a few rounds, if you're not
careful. If you last through seven battles, then the fighting ends.

Refer to the 'Having Fun' section for a complete explanation of how the
Battle Square works, but keep in mind that although you will earn
Battle Points during the battle, they are reset to zero when the battle
ends since you end up in the Show Room (and the way things work you lose
all the Battle Points you earn if you leave the main room at any time).
Should you make it through all the battles, Dio will give you a xx
Cyokki and a Chyokobo no Hane, in addition to the Kiiston.

There's nothing else you need to do at the Gold Saucer now, but when
you try to leave, you'll discover that the ropeway that the sky lift
travels up and down is broken, leaving you stranded in the Saucer.
Cait Sith will either show up (or leave your party, if he's already
with you guys) and suggest that you all meet him at the Ghost Hotel.
At the Hotel, you and your allies will chat for awhile. In the next
scence, you'll find yourself in your room.

At this point in the game, a character will come into your room and ask
to go on a date with you. While it's usually Aerith, it's been
confirmed that you can go on a date with Tifa instead, if you were nice
to her and mean to Aerith throughout the course of the game. It's also
been hinted at that other characters will want to go on a date with you,
but this hasn't been confirmed yet.

Both times that I've played through this part, it's always been Aerith
who comes to ask Cloud to go on a date, so I'll write the next section
with her in mind, although you may end up with someone else.

First, you'll go to the Event Square. Since you're the 100th person
to come here that day, you and Aerith will be offered a role in the
upcoming play. What you do here doesn't affect the game in any way,
so just pick whatever options you'd like and watch one of the many
humorous endings. If I wrote it out, it would ruin the fun, so....
Next, you'll ride the gondola in the Round Square. When Aerith looks
out the window, you can press left to look out, too, and see various
FMV sequences showcasing the events at the Gold Saucer.

After the date is over, Cloud and Aerith will return to the Station
Square only to find Cait Sith sneaking around with the Kiiston. He'll
run away when Cloud yells at him, and you have to chase him around
various sections of the Gold Saucer. (If you don't want to waste time
doing that, then go to the Chocobo Square, enter it, and chase Cait
Sith back outside). Eventually, Cait will stop at the steps outside
of the Chocobo Square. The Shinra helicopter shows up, and Cait will
toss the Kiiston up to Shon. When confronted by Cloud and Aerith, Cait
reveals that he is in fact a spy for the Shinra. He insists that he
continues to travel with Cloud and his friends because he has taken
Marin as a hostage back in Midgar (right? That's what it seems to say).

Once Cait Sith leaves, you'll find yourself back in the Ghost Hotel.
Check the iron maiden for an Erikusaa (notice the sound it makes; it
sounds just like Norstein Bekkler's laugh [the guy from Chrono
Trigger!]). Leave the room to meet up with your allies again. After
a brief talk, Aerith will join your party, becoming a permanent member.
Pick another ally and then leave the Saucer, since the ropeway is now

Now that you're back at North Corel, leave and return where you parked
the Tiny Bronco. Look at the World Map. See the tiny chain of islands
near the bottom of the map? Just to the right of them and to the left
of Mideel and the Condor Fort is a large island. If you go there, you'll
see a large temple surrounded by a forest. This is your next
destination, so land the Tiny Bronco at the shore and head to the temple.


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: Toraidento, Maindo Appu, xxxx, Eeteru Taabo x2,
Rokettopanchi, Rakkii materia, Henka materia,
Prinsesugaado, Ribon, xxx, Last Elixir,
x Batto, Doragon no xx, 'Summon Bahamut' materia,
Gigaasu no xx.

At the top of the temple is a black creature, similar to the ones you
met in Nivelheim. If you talk to it, it floats into the air in a flash
of light. Inside the temple, you'll find the Turk, Shon. He was badly
wounded by Sephiroth. He gives you the Kiiston so that you can go after
his attacker; examine the dais in the center of the room and you'll be
transported into the depths of the temple.

This area has a very confusing layout; it's a mass of stairs, walkways
and passages. There are chests everywhere, and a kooky old man in a
blue robe is also running around down here. From where you arrived,
head up, then left, then up again and go down the stairs to the ground
level. There's an opening just above you; go in it, turn to the right,
then climb down the vines clinging to the wall beneath you. If you
run underneath the long staircase nearby, you can reach a treasure chest
that has a Toraidento inside of it. From there, head right, go down the
stairs, then turn and climb up the wall using the vines. Head past the
opening (which you can't enter at this point, anyway) and go up the
stairs. The old man will dash away; ignore him for now and climb up the
vines to reach a platform. There's a shiny pink item here (Maindo Appu).
Take it and go down the stairs, then enter the door to your left to find
a room with a treasure chest and the old man. Inside the chest is the
xxxx (a gun for Vincent). Talk to the geezer twice and he'll offer his
services to you:

- Purchase Items
- Restore HP and MP to maximum
- Save your game*
- Nothing

* Choose the top option to decline or the bottom option to accept and
save your game.

Outside, go back up the stairs and down the vines, but this time, head
down and to the left. You can pick up a green item here (Eeteru Taabo).
Then go down the long stairway. At the bottom, climb down the smaller
set of steps to your left, then work your way towards the southwest
corner of the screen. Ther's a small patch of vines here that you can
climb down. Be sure to open the nearby chest; there's a Rokettopanchi
inside of it. Now, go down the stairs and walk northeast along the
path to find some more vines and the old man, who scampers away when
you get too close. Climb up the vines, then go up the stairs next to
you, go through the archway, turn east and go down the stairs, and
climb up the long stretch of vines on the nearby wall. Head left,
underneath the staircase, and you can nab a purple materia (Rakkii).

Now, go back the way you came (go right, down the vines, up the stairs
and down and out through the archway so that you're back on the path
that the old man was standing on, just above the vines). Walk to the
east until the path stops, then head south and turn east again to enter
the nearby door. As you enter, the old man will dash away. There are
huge hollow boulders that are rolling down this walkway. To get past
them, time your dashes so that the hollow part will be directly over
you, causing Cloud to kneel as the boulder rolls over you. Then keep
going until you reach a side path that leads to a pool of water. Grab
the Henka materia near the pool, then continue along the walkway,
avoiding the boulders. Once you reach the end of the path, they'll
disappear for good, but remember that if you get hit by a boulder,
you'll be dragged all the way back to the beginning of the path (ouch!)
Alternately, you can wait until the boulders disppear and then go
back and pick up the materia after the sequnce with Sephiroth.

Once the boulders are gone, Aerith will sense a powerful prescence in
the chamber and return to the pool. Light will erupt from the surface
of the pool, and you'll be able to see what I presume is a flashback of
Shon and Iriina (both Turks) running around in the shrine. After Iriina
leaves, Sephiroth shows up and creates a double of himself. While he
busies himself with attacking Shon, the laughing double flies up into
the air. After this sequence is over, Sephiroth's double will descend
into the pool and then fly away (is this supposed to mean anything?)
When you return to the end of the passage, the old geezer will be
waiting for you, and will once again offer his help:

- Restore HP and MP to maximum
- Save your game
- Nothing

When you're ready, go down the stairs. There's a huge room here with
twelve doors labeled I to XII. In the center of the room is the ever-
annoying talking clock. I was ready to use my FF7 discs as frisbees
by the time I figured out how to solve this little 'mini-game'. Here's
how it works:

If you press O (Roulette), the hour and minute hands move around very
quickly. Even when you press O again to stop the hands, they'll both
move three more spaces in the direction they were traveling.

If you press T, you're given two options: one in blue, one in green:

BLUE: This gives you four _more_ options, one in blue, one
in green, one in red, and one in white.

- BLUE The hour hand moves ahead by one space.
- GREEN The hour hand moves ahead seven spaces.
- RED The hour hand moves ahead by 17 spaces.
This invariably sets the minute hand ahead
by at least one space.
- WHITE This does nothing.

GREEN: This gives you _another_ four options, in blue,
green, red, and white, respectively.

- BLUE The hour hand moves back by two spaces.
- GREEN The hour hand moves back by ten spaces,
setting the minute hand back by one.
- RED The hour hand moves back by 20 spaces.
This makes the minute hand decrease
by at least one space, too.
- WHITE This does nothing.

If you press X, the damn clock shuts up and you're free to move onto
the hands of the clock (providing you've aligned them properly). You
can only walk on the hour and minute hands of the clock.

Isn't this fun? Well, there are twelve passages (labeled I to XII),
and you get to explore them by setting the clock to various positions.
Here's a list of what's in each passage:

I - When you open up the chest, you'll be attacked by
monsters. You won't get anything for beating them,

POIZUNFUROGGU <Poison Frog> LV: 26 HP: 500 MP: 100
POIZUNFUROGGU <Poison Frog> LV: 26 HP: 500 MP: 100

The Poison Frogs are weak against Reiki, so use cold-based attacks/spells
on them. Their attacks will turn you into a frog, but they attack so
often that it's better for you to wait until they hit you again (turning
you back into a human) instead of wasting a Virgin's Kiss or other
restorative item. The woman (Jeminisumii) is weak against Poison, so
use one of the Bio spells on her for good results. The only point in
fighting this battle is if you want to learn Kaeru no Uta from the frogs.

II - This passage is blocked off by rocks. You can't
do anything here, so return and pick another path.

III - A treasure chest. It contains monsters, too.
You won't get anything for defeating them.

TIPS: HEKUTOAIZU <Hecto-Eyes> LV: 30 HP: 500 MP: 220
HEKUTOAIZU <Hecto-Eyes> LV: 30 HP: 500 MP: 220

Both of these red, multi-eyed monsters are weak against Poison, so use
the best Bio spell you've got, or simply attack to dispatch them. If
you've got Henka equipped, you can morph both of them into Magic Up
items, which is rea
lly the only point in fighting this battle. Although
weak, either enemy can drain _lots_ of HP from you (around 1200-1400

IIII - Shouldn't this be IV? Anyway, there's a chest
here, and Aerith's Ultimate Weapon, the
Prinsesugaado (Princess' Guard) is inside.

V - This passage leads outside to the gold chest you
could see but not normally reach. Inside it is
a Ribon.

VI - Read below to find out what to do here.

VII - There's a chest here. A weapon for Cait Sith,
the xxx, is inside it.

VIII - You can get a Rasutoerikusaa from the chest in
this room.

IX - A passage blocked by fallen rock.

X - This is where you came in, bud!

XI - Yet another blocked passage.

XII - What a creepy room! You'll be seeing more of
it soon enough.

At some point, you should stand on the hour or minute hand and let the
second hand approach. When it passes over you, it will knock you down
into the pit below. When you land, you'll find yourself in a room with
a treasure chest. Before you can open it, you'll be ambushed by two

BOSS TIPS: ENSHYANTODORAGON <Ancient Dragon> LV: 34 HP: 2400 MP: 450
ENSHYANTODORGAON <Ancient Dragon> LV: 34 HP: 2400 MP: 450

Using Juuryoku or some Summon Materia will kill these dragons quickly.
Even physical attacks work well. Either enemy can only attack for about
500 points of damage, or use a Sazankurosu (Southern Cross) attack that
hit's one enemy for the same amount of damage, so they don't pose too
serious a threat. You can also control them, even though they're bosses.
You'll win an Eeeteru Taabo for defeating both of them.

In the chest is the x Batto, the strongest weapon Cloud can get during
Disc 1. Take it and leave the room. You'll find yourself back at the
door you couldn't enter earlier (in the area with the vines and
staircases. Simply work your way back to the talking clock, and pick
up any items you might have missed the first time around.

Before going down this passage, make sure you've cleared out the other
rooms since you won't be able to go back to them after the next event.
When you step out into the open, the bouncing old man will see you and
run away. When Aerith asks you a question, pick the bottom answer if
you want to return and explore more of the clock puzzle room (NSS), or
choose the top answer if you want to hunt down the old man. To find
him, simply go through the passages; you want to end up going into a
passage that he plans to come out of. You can go down to another set
of passages by going to the left end of each ledge and pressing the O
button to jump down a level. The passage entrances and exits are
random, but you can catch him without too much difficulty. Don't forget
to take the chest lying on the lowest level; there's a xx (a weapon for
Tifa) inside. As usual, beat the old man at his own game and he'll help
you in return:

- Restore HP and MP to maximum
- Save your game
- Nothing

Now that you've caught the old man, the large door on the top level will
open. Go inside and head to the right. You'll encoutner Sephiroth four
times. Up to his usual evil, Sephiroth talks about the energy within
the temple as he as swings his sword around, his every motion trailed by
the double that he made earlier. After disappearing, Cloud will suffer
from some sort of fit (something about the Materia taking over his body?)
After coming to his senses, the party examines a mural on the wall which
shows a meteorite speeding towards the people of the earth. Aerith talks
about the spell 'Meteo' which Sephiroth is planning to cast, when the
party hears Sephiroth's voice. The temple starts to shake, and a large
red dragon appears and attacks the allies.

BOSS TIPS: REDDODORAGON <Red Dragon> LV: 39 HP: 6800 MP: 300

Slow the dragon and Haste yourself to gain the upper hand. Some Summon
Materia will also even the odds, but don't use Kujata since it will heal
the boss by about 2100 points. Also, Juuryoku won't work against it.
Limit Breaks and physical attacks should do the trick. You'll win a
Doragon no xx should you win the battle.

Pick up the summon materia that's left behind (Bahamut). Then go back
and examine the floating gold object on the dais. Aerith refers to it
as the 'Kuro Materia' (Black Materia) but it's any case,
Aerith will then ask you a question. It doesn't matter which answer
you choose. At this point, if Cait Sith isn't in your party, you'll
here a ringing sound and Cloud will answer the PHS phone. Cait will
talk to him through the phone. If he is in you party, then he starts
hopping around and talking to you. When he finishes, leave this
chamber, let the old man heal you if you need it, then go back to the
clock room. The only direction you can go in is straight up through
passage XII. When you examine the door in the room beyond, yet another
boss appears to finish you off.

BOSS TIPS: DEMONZUGEITO <Demon's Gate> LV: 45 HP: 10000 MP: 400

The bad news is that the boss can hit for lots of damage. The good news
is that most of his attacks (especially the earthquake and body slam
attack) quickly max out your Limit bars. Now's a good time to try out
the Bahamut materia, but most other Summon materia don't do much damage.
Make good use of Aerith's B1/1 and Cloud's B2/2, and you'll want to
Barrier and Haste yourselves. Luckily, this boss can't instantly kill
you as a similar boss in FF2 could. You'll win a Gigaasu no xx from this
boss if you're victorious.

Once the boss is defeated, Cait Sith will have an animated conversation
with your party. If he's not in your group, then he bursts out of the
door and starts talking. He'll then return to the chamber where the
Black Materia was and take it. Afterwards, the entire temple vanishes!
In the following scene, Cloud and Aerith go down into the foundation
of the temple and retrieve the Black Materia, but Sephiroth shows up
and forces Cloud to give the Materia to him. During this time, you
control a ghostly image of Cloud as a child. If you stand in Cloud's
path and keep talking to him, you'll prevent him from approaching
Sephiroth, but there's no point in doing this since Cloud will continue
to advance until you give up. After Cloud gives Sephiroth the Black
Materia, he will attack Aerith (and you can't do anything about that,
either). Cait Sith will show up (he says he's Cait Sith 2; a replacement
of the original?) Then your other party member will leap down and
prevent Cloud from killing Aerith.

After what I take to be a dream sequence, you'll awake in, of all
places, the inn at Gongaga Town, with Barett and Tifa by your side.
Answer Barett's question any way you like, then go outside. Tifa and
Barett will join your party, but you don't have to keep them as
permanent members. Look for the Tiny Bronco on the southern shore near
Gongaga Town.

Also, Aerith has left your party for good. However, you'll have all of
her weapons, equipment, accessories and materia in your item menu. Now,
you need to go to the forest that you saw in Cloud's dream. First, get
in the Tiny Bronco.


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: Mizu no Yubiwa.

Make your way up to the Northern Continent by going around the left side
of the Western Continent after going along the river by the Gold Saucer.

Head to the right edge of the continent, where you'll find a forest
surrounded by mountains. In the middle of the forest is a big rib cage
and a large skull. Approach it, and you'll find yourself in a excavation
site where a bunch of archaeologists spend their time digging. Before
doing anything else, you might want to head up the ladder and go through
the hole in the back to reach a forest, the same one from Cloud's dream.
Keep walking until you reach the second forest screen. If you stand here
for a moment, you'll see a red Materia floating on the left side of the
screen. It will switch to the right side and back again every few
seconds. Try to predict where it will show up and use the O button to
grab it. Your reward is the Summon Kujata materia. If you try to
continue through the forest, you'll find that this screen repeats
endlessly. So, go back outside. Before going on to the next part of
the game, you may want to buy some bracelets and items; talk to the
man sitting near the rib cage and pick the second option in order to
buy things from him.

What you need to do at this point in the game is comission one of the
men to dig up the Runahaapu (Luna Harp) for you. As long as you have
it in your possession, you're able to pass through the 'endless'

- First, talk to the man sitting just outside of the rib-cage room.
Pick the first option twice*. The screen will fade out.

- When the screen fades back in, all the men will be gone. What you
do is choose a place where you want a digger to stand and press the
S button. It costs 100 gil to place a digger. Use the top option
to place a digger, or the bottom option to quit. You can place up
to five diggers.

- You'll quit once you choose the bottom option or after you've placed
five diggers. Now, press the S button to set off an explosion.
You'll hear a music cue, and the diggers will turn in different

- Stand where you want one of the diggers to search through the night
and press S again after clearing the dialogue box. You'll find
yourself back at the bottom of the screen the next morning. The
treasure chest nearby will be closed, and it may or may not hold an
item, depending on where you chose to dig.

- The key to getting the right item is to watch the diggers after the
explosion occurs. They'll all look toward the location of the item
you need, so try placing them in compass-point style layout so that
you can follow their vision to the place where the item lies. If
you're really stuck, the Runahaapo lies just a little ways to the
west and ever so slightly south of the tent on the upper ledge.

* Normally, the first option is used to dig for the Runahaapu (all
the diggers will look in the direction of the harp). The other
two options are used to dig up other items (the diggers will look
in the direction of the closest item/next item to be found). But
not only do you not have to place diggers in order to find an item,
but you can use any of the three choice to dig up the Runahaapu or
any other item--it's just that the diggers won't look in the correct
direction if you don't use the first option, and you can't use the
first option after obtaining the Runahaapu.

How do you know if you got the right item? Well, it will show up on the
Key Item menu (where the important stuff like the PHS is kept). Also, if
you talk to the digger sitting by the room, and choose the first option
twice, he won't let you select and place diggers. Finally, try going
into the forest. If the screen turns green, then you've got the right

When you've got Runahaapu, go into the forest. When you reach the second
area, the screen changes to a green color, and the forest will no longer
repeat. Beyond the forest is a rocky area. First, go under the tree
trunk to reach the treasure chest with a Mizu no Yubiwa inside. Climb
up the rocks near the pink mass of coral, then go through the fallen
trunk and head north to reach the next area (you can't climb up the vine
in the first area, so ignore it). Walk along the curving path and you'll
find yourself back in the World Map, in the canyon near the forest. Head
straight forward to the top-like object to continue your quest.


ITEMS IN THIS AREA: Majikku Appu, xx no xx, Inseki, Gaado Appu,
Erikusaa, Teki no Waza materia, Uizaadoburesu.

This area looks a lot like the floor of the sea; there's shells and coral
everywhere. At the crossroads, take the left path. It leads to a stone
building--inisde of the building is a Save Point, and there's a chest on
the upper ledge with a Majikku Appu inside it. Leave the building and
continue past it, following the path east into the rock face. Inside,
go down the stairs and head all the way right to find a chest with a
xx no xx (a bracelet that absorbs ice attacks) inside of it. You can
check out the blue crystal if you want, but there's nothing you can do
with it at this point in the game. Return to the crossroads and take
the middle path. Enter the shell building and climb the spiraling
walkway to the very to to find a green materia lying there (Inseki).
Go back to the crossroads yet again and take the right road. It leads
to an area with several shell buildings. Go all the way to the right,
then go north to enter the building before you. Climb all the way to
the top level. There's a chest here containing a Gaado Appu.

There's nothing else to do in this area but enter the last shell house;
your friends won't let you take the path leading out of the city, and
the main path leads to another part of the chamber with the blue crystal,
but there's nothing you can do there. So, if you're ready to proceed,
enter the shell house to the right of the main path. On the ground
floor is a chest holding an Erikusaa. Take it and climb up the ladder.
When you approach the beds, you'll be given an option. You can choose
the bottom option, grab the yellow materia behind the headboard of the
third bed (Teki no Waza), exit the house, then enter it again, approach
the beds, and choose the top option to go to sleep. Or, you can just
pick the top option the first time around, go to sleep, and when you
wake up in the night, grab the Teki no Waza materia (it's easier to see
at night, too).

No matter what you decide to do, go to sleep. You'll wake up in the
middle of the night. After Cloud's companions join him, return to the
crossroads a final time and take the middle path again. When you enter
the shell building, the fish floating in the middle of the spiraling
passageway will have disappeared; there are blue steps instead. Go
down them and you'll find yourself in an underwater palace. At the
bottom of the stairs, leave the building and take note of the Save Point
before going down both sets of stairs.

Aerith's here, and you have to get to her by jumping across several
pillars. Press in the direction of the next pillar to get proceed,
but you'll have to use just Cloud; your allies will wait for you back
on the ground. Once you get close to Aerith, Cloud has another spastic
fit and will draw his sowrd. You can press the controller and the
buttons to make Cloud do different things, but pressing O three times
will make him try to strike Aerith. Luckily, he'll come to his senses
beforehand with some help from his friends, but Sephiroth makes an
appearance and attacks Aerith. After her death, Sephiroth escapes,
leaving behind another monster in his wake.

BOSS TIPS: JENOBA*LIFE <Jenova*Life> LV: 50 HP: 10000 MP: 300

This boss is weak against earth attacks, so use Daichi and Titan. Also,
Inseki, Bahamut, and Kujata all work very well. Physical attacks do a
surprising amount of damage. The boss will cast Riflek on itself the
first time you cast a spell on it, so be wary about using spells too
often. Jenova*Life's attacks are not that strong (about 400-700 points),
but it has an ultra-deadly blue bubble attack (Aqua Breath) that inflicts
+1500 damage to each character. Be sure to have some Kaifuku Materia
handy. Considering it's the last boss on this disc, this is not a very
hard battle. You'll win a Uizaadoburesu when you win the battle.

After beating the boss, there's another FMV sequence, then you're given
the option to save your game. Guess what? You just finished Disc One!
My times (if you're interested, and even if you're not :)) were 29:04
initially, and 25:20 for the rewrite.



<KM's note - Everything beyond this point is just the old walkthrough
(aka v1.5x). Look for the Disc 2 rewrite in a future revision!>

From the shell-shaped building, walk left to see Sephiroth again. Then,
head north and go along the path you couldn't cross before. You'll come
to an area with a white, spiky object. Go behind and around it to get
the treasure chest, then go to the front of the object and use the pad
to climb up it, then go down inside it and out to enter a cave. Walk
toward the second cleft in the wall and use the pad to work your way up.
When you're given three options, pick the bottom one. Climb up the
next cliff and choose the bottom option; you can still open the chest
even though it's above you. Get back into the cleft and choose the
bottom option, then the top one. Go to the next cleft, choose the
bottom option, and climb down to get a treasure chest. Climb back up
the cleft, choose the bottom option, then try to get on again and pick
the top one. When you reach the chest, pick the top option, then the
bottom one to get to the other ledge. Work your way up the next cleft,
then run to the left and choose the bottom option to get on the ladder
and climb down.

Look around with the O button to find a Purple Materia. You'll
automatically climb up the ladder and get off again, so try to get back
on and choose the top option. Once you reach the top, go to the right
and enter the archway. Take the contents of the treasure chest in the
next room, then go through the door to reach the outside. From the
cave entrance, head along the path, then turn to the right. Turn right
again at the chocobo tracks to see a village between two icy hills.


First of all, go to the far end of town and talk to the man in purple.
Pick the top option. Two Shinra members will show up, and the lady with
them will try to knock out Cloud. To avoid her strike, press left just
after you see the transparent message box. If she does hit you, you'll
wake up in one of the houses, but if she doesn't, then she'll roll right
out of the town. It doesn't make a difference whether you get hit or
not (NSS). Afterwards, go back up and enter the house just to your
right. Talk to the kid in the back room and he'll let you have his
snowboard. Then, go to the inn and grab the item by the windowsill.
Exit and enter the house on the far right (by the snowman). Take the
items in the back room, then look at the map on the wall. Take it by
choosing the bottom option. Finally, go into the house on the left
side of town and go down the stairs. There's another item by the
windowsill. You're now ready to leave, but you can look around (and
see some flashbacks if you check out the machinery in the house that
you're in), or purchase items if you want. Go beyond the man in the
back of town into the forest, and you'll enter the snowboard sequence.

Your controls are:

S Brake
X Jump
Pad Move left or right, down to brake
Start Pause/unpause
L1/R1 Quick turn to the left or right when used
with control pad

Basically, you want to make your way through the mountains. You can
collect balloons along the way, but I don't know what they do for you.
There are also obstacles to crash into, like dead wood, pine trees,
igloos, moogles, snowmen, rocks, ice boulders, and chocobos. I believe
there are four different 'exit' paths (NSS); I'll take the left path
twice and go from there in this FAQ.

My characters came to in a white forest. Did yours? From this point
onward, you can press S to look at the map you took (but not in some
screens), which shows where you need to go but not where you are. I
spent hours trying to map this place out, only to discover that there's
almost nothing of interest in this area. So, I've simply described each
location and where it is on the map; getting there isn't much of a
problem. Your ultimate goal, BTW, is to make it to the red check mark.

The locations are:

ENTRANCE (looks like a square at the bottom-center of the screen)
Heading south from this area takes you back out to the World Map. If
you return to Frost Village to heal yourself, you'll have to snowboard
in here again.

MOUNTAIN CAVE (small opening just to the right of the ENTRANCE)
You can hop across the ledges to the top of the screen, but in the next
room, there's nothing to do but choose to fall/not fall down an icy
chute that has no effect aside from ejecting you back into the world
map. The entrance to this cave is hard to see; it's just to the right
of the T-junction screen.

FOREST (forest divided by Y-shaped paths)
In the main forest screen, there's an item at the foot of a tree
near the lefthand top part of the screen.

BURIED AIRPLANE (tail of plane sticking out to left of forest)
Nothing here.

LAKE CAVE (cave in the middle of the central lake)
Search the front of the lake for an item before continuing to the ice
flow scene. Then, head to the upper left corner of the screen to reach
a break in the lake. Here, you'll have to jump on the floating ice
chunks to get across, but the chunks around the one you're standing on
will submerge or raise depending on how they looked when you arrived
there. If you mess up and they are all submerged, you'll have to start
all over. It's not too hard, though. To get on the ice floats, choose
the top option, then use the O button to jump around. Enter the cave in
the next area, get the item, and leave.

LONE TREE (pine tree up and right from the LAKE CAVE)
Nothing here, either.

ICE BOULDERS (northwest corner, left and below the STONE FACE)
Go into the small cave entrance and grab the item in the northwest
corner, then go out the other entrance.

RIVER LOG (above central lake, at mouth of river)
There's nothing here.

STONE FACE (left of the red check mark)
Nothing here.

STEAMING LAKES (south and east of the check mark)
You can touch the water on the lefthand bank if you want. In fact,
you should, since you can't get the Alexander Materia any other way.

MOUNTAIN CROSSROAD (top of mountain east of the STEAMING LAKES)
Head to the upper right corner, you'll go off-screen, then work you way
up and to the left in the next screen. When this screen repeats a
second time, look for a Blue Materia about halfway up the screen. This
path takes you back to the steaming lakes, but if you try to back the
way you came, you'll see that the screen has changed. Put another way,
you couldn't have gotten the Materia unless you took this path since the
'switching' path isn't marked on the map.

At some point in the game you pass out. What determines this, though,
I'm not sure of. Well, leaving this area aside for now....


You'll awake in the house of an old man. Go up the stairs and let the
old man talk to you; choose the bottom option twice. When you wake up
the next morning, check out the Save Point. If you want to spend the
night again, talk to the old man in the first room and choose the top
choice. When you leave the shack, your friends will be waiting outside.
Make a new party if you wish, then head south. You may have noticed
that you can talk to the man from the ground floor even though he is
above you :)

Outside, you'll be in a snowy wasteland. Use the O button to set down
spikes that you can use to track your location (since your direction
changes when the wind picks up). If you want to explore the rest of
that first area that you passed out in, head due south. When you leave
the first area, you'll see a rock formation with a cave
entrance if you keep walking north. Inside, a Blue Materia is lying
near the tent. What's odd is that you seem to always run into this on
your way back from the first area instead of on the way to it.

If you head east, you'll go through some snowy areas, then arrive at a
cave entrance. Talk to the purple fellow inside to enter a battle, but
only if you touched the water back at the Steaming Lakes. Even though
you'll hear boss music, it's just a normal enemy. When you win, you'll
get a Summon Materia (Alexander). While you can use the map here, you
can't reach this place normally. If you go right, then down the snow
path, you'll end up at the 'switching' crossroads in the main first area,

Going west just takes you to an alternate entrance to the first area.
There's not that much to do there, anyway, unless you want a shortcut
to the ICE BOULDERS area where an item is lying in a cave.

If you're really having trouble navigating, then think of the wasteland
like this:

Old Man's Shack
S | | A
1 t | | l M
s o | | e a N
t n | | x t |
e | | a e W-- + --E
A | | n r |
r F | Cave | d i S
e a | | e a
a c | | r
e | |
First Area (Steaming Lakes)

So no matter how far you are along a boundary, you'll still enter that
area when you hit it. The same applies to the corners -- you'll hit
one boundary or the other, so going in a diagonal direction won't get
you to a new place. Don't worry about finding an 'exact' spot to enter
an area, just head in that direction. The only real landmark is the
cave with the Blue Materia, but if you head north from the Steaming
Lakes exit, you're bound to spot it.


Once you've had your fun in the wasteland, return to the old man's
house and heal up or save your game if you need to. Then, go north
from the shack to arrive at the slopes of a icy mountain.

Get ready for some finger-smashing fun! I'm assuming the meter that
appears on screen when you're outside is your body temperature--it
goes down because of the cold climate. To keep your temperature up,
you need to rapidly hit the S button. The highest temperature you can
get to is 38, while the lowest is 27. Any less than that (26), and you
pass out and find yourself back in the old man's house. It sounds
easy, but you can only raise your body heat when you're on one of the
ledges, not while you're climbing up the rock face. So for those long
climbs, you have to max out your heat and climb as quickly as you can.
Luckily, your heat doesn't go down while in battle. Remember, it's not
how hard you press the S button, but how fast you press it, so try to
get in as many presses as you can to max out your temperature.

In the first part, there's nowhere else to go but up, so climb up the
rock face until you arrive at the cave entrance. Inside, go through
the two archways into the next cavern. Here, climb up the stairs and
go through the south exit. Make your way up in the next room and take
the contents of the treasure chest, then go through the door. The
next area involves going through a curving passage, so you might want
to turn on the cursor to keep track of where you are. When you reach
the top, go to the boulder and choose the top choice to knock out the
blocked passage. Go back the way you came to reach the lower part of
the room, then go along the now-unblocked path. Follow the passage
and you'll go outside again.

When you climb up the first ledge, you're given a choice. Choose the
top one to go up, the middle one to go down, or the bottom one to climb
to the right. Pick the top option and head up until you are prompted
with another choice: the top one goes to the right, the bottom one
leaves you where you are. Pick the top one, head right, and climb up
the mountain until you reach the ledge with a left and right path. The
right path is a dead end, so take the other one and keep climbing up
the ledges until you arrive at a second cave entrance.

This large cavern is pocked with holes. There are some exits and a
chest, but they are too high to reach, for now. Don't miss the Save
Point to your left. If your characters are getting weak, you may want
to bring in two new members and reassign Materia Orbs to increase your
strength. Nab the chest in the lower right corner of the room, then
go through the northeast passage. Outside, head up and to the right.
In the next room, take the chest to the right. There are four huge
icicles here, and you have to 'fight' them to knock them down. However
each icicle is guarded by several yellow bats. You can kill the bats
if you wish, but after you inflict 4000 points of damage to the icicle,
the battle ends and it plummets to the room below. The icicles may not
be alive, but they can still hurt you; the icicle will 'counter' with
a shower of small icicles to the person who hits it repeatedly. Each
time you win a battle, you'll be given an option. If you pick the
bottom choice, you'll drop down to the room below, while picking the
top choice lets you stay where you are and continue to 'fight' the other
icicles. After knocking down the last icicle, choose to stay where you
are so that you can get the chest on the far left. Then go back to the
main room.

I'm not sure what the purpose of dropping the icicles is; the floor of
the bottom area is 'raised' allowing you to reach the other chest and
the exit, but if you go out the northeastern door, you'll go right
outside instead of going to the other caverns (NSS). Anyway, get the
treasure chest that you couldn't reach before, then go through the main
door. The path beyond leads outside, to a treasure chest. Continue
past it and then keep following the path until you end up outside again.
Climb along the mountainside until you're given three options: you can
go up (top), left (middle), or right (bottom choice). Go right and
climb up to the ledge, then keep climbing until you reach the left side
of the screen and are given three more options: up (top), down (middle),
or right (bottom). Although it may seem like taking the left path
would've gotten you here faster, you move very fast on the right path
and can reach the ledge without losing as much body heat. In any case,
choose the top option and keep climbing until you reach yet another
cavern entrance.

The next area has a Save Point, and your HP and MP will be restored if
you examine the nearby pool. Leave this room by going to the far right,
then go down the passage, where you'll run into one of those black,
shrouded guys from the town where Sephiroth and Cloud went to in their
flashback. Before you can examine him, you're attacked by a two-
headed boss.

BOSS TIPS - scaly head* (hp: 18000 mp: 350)
- horned head* (hp: 18000 mp: 350)

This boss has two heads that can be attacked separately. The scaled
head (left side) attacks with a fire breath attack, but this can be
lessened with a Barrier. The horned head (right side) attacks with a
ice breath attack, but that can be cut short with a Mabarrier. So,
start off the round by using Barrier and Mabarrier on all your members,
then Haste yourselves and Slow both heads. The boss's other attacks a
are a powerful Quega spell and a 'lightning-earth-fire-explosion' type
attack that inflicts about 1400 damage points to all members. Once
you've injured a head enough, it droops and cannot attack. I'm not
sure about this, but the new sword you got for Cloud in last chest will
heal the right head. If you can spare the MP, then any version of
Inseki and the Alexander, Leviathan, and Bahamut summon materia should
be used to quickly kill both heads. Also, try using Honou on the horned
head and Reiki on the right head for easy damage (or, use Ikazuchi on
either head). Don't use Doku or Kujata, since Doku does no damage and
Kujata will heal both heads. If you have the 'Anti-Fire' and 'Anti-Ice'
accessories, then equip those to receive no damage from the breath
attacks. When this boss' life is reduced to 0 HP, it automatically does
the 'explosion' type attack before dying.

* Either they both share the same amount of HP and MP, or it's separate.
(the latter seems more likely, but I really can't tell).

If the boss kicked your ass during the battle, go back to the healing
pool and get your life back. Otherwise, continue down the passage and
climb the wall outside. After the automatic sequence when you reach the
top, head down the side of the inner crater. In the next area, Tifa
will talk with you if she's in your party; if not, she shows up and
joins you (so you'll have to kick one of your members out). Near the
bottom of the screen in the next area is a Red Materia (Bahamut Kai).
You can jump from either the top or bottom path to the Save Point, but
you'll have to take the top path to continue.

You'll arrive at the first of three 'shield' screens. Talk to the two
black guys to get two items, then stand as close to the glowing shield
as you dare. Wait until the green aura is almost gone, then dash
through to the other side and continue. If you mess up, you'll be
repelled by the shield and will be attacked by a monster. As you climb
higher and higher in the next area, be sure to open the treasure chest
(there's no point in talking to the other black creatures). Keep moving,
and you'll reach the second shield. You can pass through this one the
same as before, but there's a surge of energy traveling along the shield
that will knock you back even if the shield itself is almost gone. If
you don't make it, you'll have to fight a monster again.

Beyond the barrier, Sephiroth awaits. After turning invisible and
toying with you, he sends yet another boss monster to finish you off.

BOSS TIPS: Jenova*DEATH (hp: 25000 mp: 800)
The boss' attacks are weak. It has a heat flash that he does after
being injured, and can mute a character one at a time. It's fire bubbles
can cause good damage, but the Anti-Fire accessory will take care of
that. Oddly enough, Bahamut does more damage against it than Bahamut Kai
(you should use it anyway). Alexander and Inseki (highest level you
have) can be used, too. Like the boss of the Ancient City, you can beat
it without any real trouble.

There's a floating item in the air after you kill Sephiroth's monster.
After Cloud takes it, talk to Red 13 and choose the top option, then
talk to Tifa. Go up and grab the Yellow Materia, then open the chest
(there's a Save Point here, too). North of where you are is the third
and final shield. In addition to everything the second shield had,
blasts of purple lightning will strike the ground in front of you.
There's a long pause after a short series of blasts, so wait for the
shield to fade, then dart through when the energy wave isn't on screen
and the lightning has just stopped (just wait, you'll get your chance).

This next scene is sorta like a 'semi-interactive' flashback. You get
to see Sephiroth run around in the same town he went with Cloud to, but
this time, there's another guy following him. Sephiroth then talks
to you and Tifa, but instead of attacking, he shows you a picture of
him, the other guy, and Tifa. (In case you don't know by now, I'm at a
loss when it comes to understanding the game's plot). To make the event
proceed, keep talking to your pals and Sephiroth. It's not important or
anything, but you can go to the Main Menu during the start of this
sequence (it's sort of cool to do). Most of the next part is pretty
much talking and nothing else: the Shinra members blabber on and on,
Sephiroth plays mind games with Red 13, and Cloud gives the item that
Red 13 had to Sephiroth (who should wear some clothes, geez!) Then,
your party (sans Cloud) escapes on the Highwind, Cid's airship, along
with the Shinra minions.


When you come to, you'll find yourself incarcerated back in Junon Town.
Without Cloud, you'll be taking control of Barett and Tifa for most of
this section. Follow Tifa as the guards take her away (don't miss the
Save Point), and watch as they prepare to gas her. Once Junon Town
is attacked, your friends reveal themselves and help you escape. Try to
open the door to the gas chamber (pressing any button or pad press will
make you pull on the door), and when you can't, escape with Cait Sith
and head to the right when you reach the area blocked off by guards.
Then talk to the newscaster (actually Yuffie), and continue to the left.
Examine the yellow box by the elevator and you'll be lifted up to the top
level. From there, continue towards the airship Highwind in the

When you're in control of Tifa again, you have to pick up the key on
the ground to free yourself from the gas chamber. Your controls are:

S Move right arm
X Move feet
O Move left arm
T Move Tifa's head

You'll need to press the buttons in this order: X, X, T, X+T, T+O, O.
(Or, press X, X, T, X+T, T+S, S if you want to free her other hand makes no difference).

Pressing them has the following effect:

When you press X, Tifa will stretch out her legs. Pressing X a second
time makes her drag the key towards her. Then press T to sit back in
the chair. Then press T and X at the same time (you don't need to hold
them, just press them), and she'll lift the key up with her feet and
take hold of it with her teeth at the same time. After that, T+O
together will make her free her arm using the key. Finally, press O
so that she can grab the key and use it to release her other arm.
Feel free to take your time doing this since waiting around won't do
anything to you (Tifa's invincible! Mwa, ha ha!!)

Examine the back of the room by the left side of the chair to shut off
the gas, then examine the door. After the monster provides you with
an exit, climb outside and work your way down the front of the tower
(don't worry about the guards). When you reach the bottom, head toward
the upper left corner of the screen (the cursor will appear to help you
keep track of your location, but you can disable it if you want). In
the next screen, make your way down to the frontmost cylinder then press
up to go along the front of it and end up on the cannon itself (this can
be a little tricky). As you reach the edge of the cannon, a lady from
the Shinra shows up. She'll start slapping you (!) so press the O button
to slap back. If you're fast enough, you'll slap her to the floor. If
not, she knocks you over. Despite the outcome of the 'fight', Tifa will
still be rescued by Barett in the Highwind.

Once in the airship, head to the cockpit where you'll talk with Cid.
After he's done, talk to Red 13 and Cid again, then to the man at the
wheel of the airship. After that, go to the room marked 'Operations',
and talk to the man there. He will let you assemble a new group with
Tifa as the leader. From this point onward, you can return to this
room and talk with the man to activate PHS, restore your HP and MP, or
save your game. Now that you have a party, return to the cockpit and
talk to the man at the wheel. Choose the top option, and you can
control the Highwind! To pilot it, use these controls:

S When held, you can use the Pad to fly without changing the
direction you're facing
X Press to land
O Move the Highwind in the direction you're facing
T Takes you inside the Highwind
Pad Press left/right to turn, up/down to rise or descend
Start Reveals/enlarges/hides the map
Select Same as Start

Notice that your other vehicles (the Gold Saucer vehicle and Cid's
airplane) are gone for good. BTW, you enter the Highwind by pressing
O when you're close to it (like other vehicles). To gain control of
it again, just talk to the man at the wheel and pick the top option.
At this point, you'll probably want to look around and go to various
places. However, you can only land on _green, grassy_ ground, and
nowhere else, which limits the areas you can explore immensely (this
doesn't include the canyon floor of the Ancient City).

Notice the red satellite in the sky (I don't know what it is), as well
as the shield surrounding the top of the Frozen Mountain. Some places
you'll definitely want to check out are Junon Town* again, since many
of the shops have restocked and places have changed a little (you can
buy the CR gun here for Vincent, which raises his speed to 255,
although you can find the same weapon way back during the first disc,
before you even get Vincent in your group). Also, beyond the mountains
near Midgar City is a little cave near a river, inside is a sleeping
man who will tell you (apparently), the number of battles you've fought
so far, although when I talked to him, he gave me a different message,
and the number he gives you seems to be off from time to time (maybe
it's # of saved games?) Last but not least, don't forget to check out
the house to the right of Frost Village; you can talk to the green
Chocobo inside to get a free yellow Materia (Teki no Waza), and there's
a purple thing in here you can chat with and buy things from. Also, if
you go back to the Chocobo Farm, you'll find a Purple Materia (Chocobo
Yose) near the edge of the now-empty Chocobo pen.

* In very last town area, there's a man standing out in the middle of
the road. If you talk to him and choose the bottom option, nothing
happens. But if you choose the top option, the Shinra helicopter
lands and you're given another choice. Pick the top one and you can
ride it back to the first area of Junon Town! If you choose the
bottom option, you'll be flown back out to the World Map.


Get in the Highwind and fly to the Southern Continent. Look around
the southernmost part for a forest and Mideel village; you can land in
the grass nearby and investigate. As you look around Mideel, Tifa
will automatically talk to the cat in the middle of the village. One
event leads to the next, and soon you'll find Cloud (who disappeared
after the event atop the Frozen Mountain). He's wheelchair-bound and
and unable to do anything, so Tifa stays to help him recover. After
Barett rants aboard the Airship, you are able to control Cid. Talk
to Yuffie, then make up a new party in the Operations room. You should
look around the town some more before flying around in the Highwind.
In particular, go to the building across the bridge in the westmost
area of town. If you walk across the floorboards to the side of the
building, you'll hear a sound. Examine the ground to get an item or
flip a switch or something (NSS). There's a house in the middle of
town where an old man is petting his cat. If you take the item on
the bed and try to leave with it, the cat turns out to be a ferocious
dog that barks at you! You can choose two options (I think the top
one is the better one, I guess). If you need to rest, talk to the
nurse in the hospital to spend the night for free. Don't forget to
pick up the Fuuin Materia orb; it's really powerful. To get it, you'll
need a special seasoning available from the Chocobo Farm (it's the only
one that costs 1500 gil). Buy one and find the kid and his chocobo
(he's in every store you go to). Choose the top option to feed his
chocobo some of the seasoning then choose the fifth option and a green
orb floats out of the Chocobo; that's the Fuuin Materia.

Ready to go? The next thing you have to do is stop a train from smashing
into the town of North Corel. You can pilot the Highwind to two places;
North Corel, and then work your way back through the old train tracks to
the Makoro furnace, or you can land at the nearby cave-like entrance that
leads to the furnace and take the train from there. Either way, you'll
still have to do a bit of walking, so it's up to you (check out sections
3n and 3o if you don't remember what I'm talking about). Anyway, once
you reach the furnace, head to the center and you'll be attacked by some
Shinra guards (easy to defeat). After you do them in, a train will leave
the furnace. What you have to do is catch up with it before it rams into
North Corel. The next scene finds you and your companions on another

Remember the digit-damaging fun you had back at the Frozen Mountain?
Well, this time, it's worse. You have to press Up and the T button
in a steady, yet _extremely_ fast motion to make Cid pull the levers
of the train so that you can catch up to the Shinra train. Even worse,
there's a time limit--you have to reach the train, board it, kill the
enemies on board, and stop it all within 10 minutes. If you practice,
you should be able to catch up to the train in about 23-30 seconds, but
remember that you'll need about 4 minutes, at best, to beat the enemies
on board, so work quickly. You fight monsters each time you leap to
a new train car, (five battles in all) and while they're relatively
easy to win, they do take up your time. If you have learned it by now,
Degeon (from FF5j, better known as X-Zone in FF3) can be used in the
first two battles for a quick win. If you're low on time, don't use
Summon Materia because the counter still decreases during the casting.

Assuming you get to the locomotive with time remaining, wait for the
conversation between Cid and your other characters to stop. You can
now do the following; press up + T to slow the train, or down + X to
speed it up. Once Cid grabs the controls, press:

Up + Triangle, Down + X, Down + X
or: Down + X, Down + X, Down + X

(if there are more commands then these, let me know)

You can't do it while your buddies are talking to you, so skip through
the conversations when they occur. The train will speed up, but will
slow just as it reaches the town, if you've done it correctly.

If you stop the train in time, you get a Key Item (look in the third
item list), and a little boy gives you a Green Materia (Altema) The
next morning, go to the house below the inn and a lady in a hat will
give you an item. If you mess up, then the train runs straight through
North Corel. You don't get the Key Item, and if you want the Altema
materia, you'll have to buy it from the same kid for 50000 gil. However,
you can still get the item from the lady in the hat and some free time at
the inn ;P. So, it's really in your best interest to save the town (In
fact, I don't know how you can proceed without winning if you don't get
the Key Item -NSS-).


(Actually, I think you can do this part of the game before saving North
Corel, but this is the order I did it in, partly because I didn't have
any clue as to where to go at the time.... ^_^;)

Pop into the Highwind and fly back to the blue tower with the big gold
bird on it (read section 3l if you don't remember where it was). Enter
it, and talk to the sleeping guy in the white outfit and big hat in
the upper room. Now, climb to the top of the tower and talk to the
man in the room with the locked door. Choose the middle option, and
you'll get to play a mini-game. For instructions/strategies, please
refer to the 'Having Fun' bit in section 6.

When you win, go out the sealed door. You can get a Red Materia here
(Phoenix), and if you talk to the man in white, you get an item. Now,
head back to the village on the Southern Continent where you left Tifa
and Cloud behind. When you talk to Tifa, the screen will start to
shake. Go outside, and you'll be attacked by a huge black dragon.

BOSS TIPS (you can't see his stats.)
This boss has some pretty damaging attacks, such as an earth-like spell
and a blue ice-fire blast. But looks can be deceiving. Just Haste
yourselves to buy more time and keep Summoning your best monsters
(Bahamut Kai, Alexander, Phoenix) and use enemy skills to deal out the
damage. After enough injury, the boss will fly away.

The next scene with Tifa and Cloud is so funny! They're puffy and
superdeformed, and well let's just say any sense of danger or
surprise at this sudden attack is forgotten once you see their wide-
eyed faces as they escape the crumbling village.


After Tifa and Cloud take a dive, you'll find yourself playing with
Tifa, who's in a strange world filled with Cloud's memories. First,
talk to the northmost Cloud. You'll head into his memories of the
trip he took to that one town near the Jenova plant with Sephiroth.
When Cloud shows up, speak to him again. When you reach the 'center'
of Cloud's mind again, speak to the Cloud on the left. Once you're in
control of Tifa, converse with the last Cloud (the one to the right).
Then talk to the 'kid' Cloud and look in the window. When you can
move Tifa, talk to the 'shadow' Cloud, then to the real Cloud and go
back to the town area again. Everything else unfolds by itself. At
the end, speak with Cloud one last time, and you'll return to the
'real' world.


Back at the airship, prepare a new team. Then, take control of the
Highwind. Even though the village may be trashed, you can still buy
items, stay for the night, etc. You can also feed the hyperactive kid's
Chocobo if you didn't get Fuuin the first time around. There are two
things you can do now: if you go back to Midgar City, there's a man out
front (what he does, I have no clue), and if you talk to the sleeping
man in the nearby cave, he'll give you an item (but it doesn't show up on
any list, so I don't know what it is). Head back to Junon Town and go
up to the main street area; you'll cut to a scene of the ruined town
and Cloud will talk to his teammates. Go to the gray passage between
the two lifts; a captain is drilling his men. When they see you,
they'll run away. Continue to the end of the passage and go through a
door on the left wall labeled '1' (it's hard to see). You'll then be
attacked by guards in the elevator. When you step outside, you'll have
to battle some more. Go down the slope and through the door, then walk
until you see a door in the following room. At the bottom of the stairs
in the adjoining hall is a Save Point; next to that is another work lift
that goes down to a furnace area. Walk north until you reach the
underwater tube, then go along it until you reach the big building
with a single door.

In the next room, examine the flashing light. Water will be pumped out
of the chamber. Step outside, and you'll be in a huge undersea bay with
several submarines. Continue along the walkway and go through the door;
there's a second Save Point in the following area. In the room nearby,
there's a guard, and he'll attack you if you talk to him. You should
fight him first, since you'll be ambushed by all three guards if you
don't. Beat the other guards and get through the gate to proceed.
However, if you do let the guards ambush you, you won't have to fight
the other set at the back of the room. Cloud automatically stops before
the machine in the next room; keep going to the right afterwards. After
seeing some Materia being loaded onto a submarine, you'll encounter
another Shinra baddie who sends a mechanical freak to do his bidding
while he makes a hasty retreat.

BOSS TIPS - body (hp: 24000 mp: 200)
- right arm (hp: 10000 mp: 100)
- left arm (hp: 10000 mp: 100)

This boss is composed of three parts. He can imprison two of your
characters in his arms, and they recieve 1/3 the amount of damage that
he receives from your attacks. However, since he has three parts, an
attack that strikes more than one part means the trapped ally gets hit
twice or even three times! Furthermore, if the third character is
killed while the other two are imprisoned, the battle is instantly lost.
Destroying his arms should be your top priority, but the arms rotate
and switch sides when they are hit, so adjust your attacks accordingly.
Summoning spells and enemy skills work well here. The boss' attacks are
not so strong, but they come quickly. His worst one is a laser ray that
strikes all members for +1600 damage. BTW, the only way to free a
character is to destroy the arm that's holding them, or have him or her
die. This makes the Phoenix summon very useful if you just freed a
friend and want to revive and attack at the same time.

Head to the left to get the treasure chest, then go right and head down
to the farthest pier. Open two more chests, then board the submarine
and fight the guards. Inside, you'll fight some more goons when you're
ambushed. Put the Save Point to good use, then head through the door
to the bridge. When talking to the guards, you can choose the bottom
option and let them live, or you can fight and kill them if you choose
the top option. To start the sub, approach the chair and examine it.
Choose the middle option to get into the chair, then choose the top
option for a description of the controls, or the bottom option to begin
piloting the sub.

Your controls on the submarine are:

S Shoot torpedoes (only when you're near an enemy craft)
X Backward thrust
T Forward thrust
Pad Move left/right or descend/raise
R1 Switch between close-up or bird's eye view
R2 Switch between near, overhead, or cockpit view
Start Pause; show control screen

The walls of the ocean floor are shown in blue, and there are diamond-
shaped mines that are invisible until you get close. You can tell how
far they are from the floor by the red columns beneath them. I guess
the purpose of this 'mini-game' is to destroy the the main Shinra sub
(red) in the time allotted, although you can kill the yellow submarines
if you want to protect yourself. During the mission, the following
warnings will appear:

WARNING When an enemy sub is approaching
ALERT When an enemy sub is firing
MINE You are about to run into a mine
CONFLICT The sub cannot move because you are
steering it against/along a rock face

You lose the game if one of two things happen; time runs out (you have
10 minutes to destroy all 10 enemy subs), or if your life bar (which is
represented by the red/green bar at the bottom of the screen) is
depleted as a result of being hit by missiles, crashing into the walls
or floor once too often, or ramming another sub. If you win, then the
sub (gray) is automatically piloted to shore.

If you mess up, your characters will jettison themselves from the sub.
You'll come to on the shore, where your dolphin friend will be whacking
you on the head to wake you up ;). Go back into the main part of
Junon Town and work your way back through they gray hallway, down the
elevator with the woman, and to the room with the guards, a dog, and
the sloping floor. Beat the guards and examine the dog. When he moves
aside, follow him and examine him again. Choose the top option, and
you'll enter the red Shinra submarine. When the guards show up, choose
the top option to let them go, or the bottom option to fight them. In
the cockpit room, choose the top option to save the commander, or the
bottom option to fight him and his men. Either way, you still get to
pilot the sub. Note that if you got the gray sub, you can't go through
here and get the red sub.

The controls for either submarine are:

X Submerge/Ascend
O Propel forward
- (doesn't work in overhead view)
Pad Move in any direction
- (raise or lower while underwater)
L1/R1 Turn to the left or right
L2/R2 Switch from side/overhead view
- (doesn't work while underwater)
Start Show/enlarge/hide map
- (cannot enlarge map while underwater)
Select Same as Start

The submarine can cross deep water, but not shallows. If you can't
get by an area while skimming the sea, try submerging and looking for
a passage. If you can't get over a rock wall while submerged, try
ascending and looking for another way around. Also, the sub can only
land at docks such as the one near Junon Town. BTW, the mini-game also
becomes available at the Gold Saucer once you have a submarine. A side
note for those of you who get a kick out of those automatic sequences;
if you go to the bay where the Highwind was kept after getting the
submarine, you can watch a huge carrier plane lift off. But if you
clear out the sunken plane in section 4j first, then you can't see it.
Whether the two planes are the same one or not, I don't know.

(NOTE: I did this after reaching Disc 3, but if you got the gray sub,
you can sail southeast from the house with the weaponsmith <near Cid's
town>, to where the small string of islands are. If you submerge, the
red sub will be here. You can't board it, but you will get a red 'Huge
Materia' <one those stones that show up in the observatory at Cosmo
Canyon>. I doubt you can do this if you got the red submarine, but I
don't know for sure.)


First, go straight west from the Junon Town dock. You'll reach a
jutting peninsula; go around it and south until you reach land. You
should be able to see the Gold Saucer from where you are. Descend,
and you'll find a wrecked plane. What are you waiting for? Go and
take a look around!

Go down the ladder. To the right is a chest and a Save Point. Go
through the northern door with the Shinra emblem on it, up the walkway,
then run to the right. Grab the blue chest, go back to the walkway in
the front, and head right to get another chest. Go down the slope and
head to the upper-right corner to get a Yellow Materia (Renzokugiri).
After that, go to the far left; there's another chest that's hidden by
a pipe hanging overhead. Return to the area with the Save Point and go
to the right; you'll find two familiar faces. After chatting with
Cloud, you'll do battle with the Shinra goons.

BOSS TIPS - guy with weapon (hp: 15000 mp: 230)
- bald guy (hp: 20000 mp: 280)

The guy with the weapon hurls fireballs at you nonstop, and the bald one
can cast Fire spells. They also have the nasty ability to confuse you.
Once you inflict enough damage on one of them, he will leave. If you
kill the guy with the weapon, then the bald guy will simply stand around
and do nothing until you lower his HP to 0. For a quick win, Haste and
Barrier yourself, then use Ultima, Inseki, and Summoning spells. If
you've learned it, Cloud's B3/1 should be used every chance you get.

Go into the northern door. In the next room, take the contents of the
chest nearby, then walk all the way up and then right to get yet another
treasure chest. Go back to the stairs and head down them; there are two
treasure chests at the bottom left and right corners of the screen. If
you look carefully by the ruined helicopter, there's a Red Materia
(Hades) just by the edge of the chopper and the blown-off piece lying
nearby. I don't know what else you're supposed to do here, and the two
Shinra members simply vanished into thin air, so I left. Make sure you
got _all_ the items in the wrecked plane--one of them is used when you
return to Utai in a moment.

The next underwater place you want to go to is to the south and west of
the Northern Continent, where there are three small islands creating a
crescent moon-type shape. You should be in sight of snowy ground.
Dive, and you'll see and underwater passage at the end of what appears
to be a dead-end turn. In the passage is a spikey, vertical object;
touch it and you'll get some sort of item. Whatever it is, you'll have
to have it later on, so don't miss it.

Now, go back to Yuffie's home on the Westernmost Continent. Remember
those fire-pits in the mountains you couldn't cross? Well, one of the
items you picked up in the wrecked undersea plane lets you extinguish
the fires. Go through the mountains until you reach the cave entrance,
then try to touch the fire-pit twice to reveal a chest which contains
a Blue Materia (Zentaika). Then follow the path until you reach
another fire-pit; touch it to remove the flames and reveal a second
Blue Materia (Tsuideni Nusumu?)


Return to the town where you met Cid (beyond the mountains by the Gold
Saucer), and go to the back where the rocket ship is. The place is
swarming with Shinra, and when you approach the ship, you'll have to
battle soldiers. At the top of the stairs, you'll face more guards.
Once you've cleared them, Cid will show up and join you if he's not
already with you. (If this happens, a command window with some buttons
appears in it...what for?) Climb the ladder and you'll fight yet again;
this time, it's against the bald punk from the sunken plane and two more
Shinra soldiers.

TIPS (hey, he's not even a boss!) (hp: 9000 mp: 240)
Attacking should do the trick, especially if you've got the Renzokugiri
materia equipped. He can raise a Mabarrier when the guards are killed,
so don't bother with magic. Aside from casting Ikazuchi spells and a
500-damage ground wave, this guy can heal himself for about 1100 hit
points. If you kill him before killing the guards, you win the battle

Once inside the ship, you enter _another_ battle. Go north into the
main room, where Cid will talk to the workers. After the ship lifts
off, walk to the right and climb up the ladder. Examine the blue
object and choose the top option. Cid will talk to Cloud and then
numbered boxes will appear. Instead of removing them with the O
button, punch in the following code:

First Message (1): O
Second Message (2): S
Third Message (3): X
Fourth Message (4): X

If you did it correctly, the glass tube will open and you can take the
blue object. If you mess up, you'll have 3 minutes to get the code

Should the time run out, the blue object is lowered into the ground.
Return to the entry room and climb down the ladder; when you get near
the sparking tanks, they will explode. With a little help from the
girl who lives at Cid's house, you'll free Cid from under a piece of
metal. Follow the girl into the next room; it's actually an escape
capsule. After a long automatic sequence, you'll find yourself back in
the Highwind, with that red satellite in the sky looming ever closer.
If you do enter the code, the same event occurs, but at least you have
the blue item.


Now, get in the airship and fly back to Cosmo Canyon (it's near the rocky
area where the sky changes color). Climb up to the observatory where
you met the old man who led you through the caves back in the first
disc. Cloud will phone his friends and tell them to come up to the
observatory. After your pals leave, Cloud will be alone with the old
man and three large chunks of colored stone. Touch any of the stones
and choose the bottom option to return to the Highwind (I'm not sure how
the first option works, and why it only works on one stone and not the
rest). Head back to the Ancient City on the Northern Continent (don't
worry, you can land in the blue canyon). Take the left path at the
crossroads and return to the room with the big blue crystal (it's to the
right of the building with the Save Point). When the old man finishes
talking after you've approached the crystal, he'll use the spikey object
you found in the underwater passage to trigger a waterfall that washes
over the area. Go to the crystal again, and you'll see images of Aerith.
As you leave the room, Cait Sith calls you on Cloud's cell phone and
another automated sequence occurs. Once you leave the Ancient City and
try to board the Highwind, another huge monster shows up. You can't
attack it while in the airship (and you can't get to it in the sub),
so wait for it to reach the continent. If you try to touch it once it's
on land, there's another FMV sequence.

(NOTE: I didn't do this until Disc 3, so it may not work until then,
but try returning to Cosmo Canyon. Those huge stones are actually
called 'Huge Materia', and if you touch the one to the far right and
choose the first option, you'll get a Summon Materia <Bahamut Reishiki>,
as long as you have Bahamut and Bahamut Kai, too. Also, if you return
here with Red 13, the old man will die, and Red 13 will give Cloud an

Now that the shield around the Northern Continent is no longer active,
return there once the sequence finishes. There's some more talking
among your characters and the Shinra executives. Go back and try to
fly the airship 'into' Midgar City, and you and your allies will gather
together. Once you're on the airship's deck, choose the top option to
assemble a new party, or the bottom option to leap off the ship and
parachute into the city. Follow your teammates to an alley where a
Save Point is, then examine the wooden panel to reveal a hidden passage.
At the bottom, head north, then east. Go up the slope and when you get
to the dead end, you can find two chests; one to the right and one to
the left. Head back to the start and go down the stairs, then head down
the ladder. Walk to the left and climb up the ladder in the back. Get
the chest and go back down, then keep heading right. When the floor
gives way, go to the left and head up the ladder. When you reach the
top, follow the walkway until you see a large chute; enter it and you'll
be taken to another area. Take the chest to the right and go down the
ladder, then stand on the gray bar and push down-forward to jump onto
the lip of the chute marked '42'. Enter the chute and climb up the
ladder on the other end to find a treasure chest. Then, return to the
bottom level, climb the ladder, and then go left for another chest. Go
up the staircase and you'll arrive at a door and a Save Point.

Climb through the crawlway beyond the door, then head north. Three
punks from the Shinra will make an appearance. Choose the bottom
option and they'll leave; choose the top option and you'll have to
fight them.

BOSS TIPS - man with weapon (hp: 25000 mp: 200)
- woman (can't see her stats.)
- bald guy (hp: 28000 mp: 250)

The bald guy is healed by fire attacks, and can punch one character for
2000 damage. He fights like he did at the rocket in section 4k. The
lady can hurl flames that damage all members for about 500-600 points,
and the armed guy has a spark attack that hits for 800 points of damage.
Alone, their attacks aren't anything too dangerous, but with all three
of them, this battle becomes tougher than it first seems. As usual,
Barrier and Haste yourselves as soon as possible, then use damaging
spells like Ultima and Inseki, as well as Summon Materia. Try to save
Phoenix until you really need it (since it will heal the bald guy, use
it only if your other teammates are dead). They'll all escape after you
dole out enough punishment.

There's a lot of cool items to grab in this section of the city (maybe
you should of gotten them before the battle...I forgot about that ;))
While some of the passages split off in two directions, one direction
always ends at a blocked door, so just keep going south. After a while,
you'll run into Barett. Keep on going, and you'll find a treasure chest
on the left wall of one of the splitting passage-rooms. At the next
splitting room, there's a chest near the sparking wall right between
the two passages. Red 13 is also here. Two screens later, you'll find
two more chests in the center of the splitting passage. The good news
is that in the next hallway is a Save Point, and to the right of it,
a Yellow Materia (W Item). The bad news is that it's a dead end and
you have to go all the way back. A note about the characters you meet;
they obviously don't show up if they're in your party, so you may meet
other characters than the ones listed in this section.

North from the first hall is a split passage; Yuffie is here. You'll
also notice that you can go left or right. Go right and you'll find
Tifa in the hallway. Beyond her is Cid and another passage; the right
passage leads to a dead-end, so take the left route. Climb up the
ladder and you'll find yourself back at the Shinra Headquarters. When
you approach the building, Cait Sith pops out. There's nothing of
interest in the entirety of the building, unless you missed something
the first time. However, on floor 64, check out the locker room in the
back of the floor, to the right. You can get two items; one in the
first row of lockers, and one in the back (I don't think you could get
to them before). Return to the room with Yuffie and head left and climb
up the left side of the red beams. When you land on the street, a huge
machine shows up, controlled by the fat man and the lady from Shinra.
After taunting you, you'll have to fight them.

BOSS TIPS - head (can't see it's stats.)
- chest (hp: 20000 mp: 300)

This mechanical monstrosity has two parts; a head and a chest area that
you can aim your attacks at. For it's size, the boss can only cause
around 500-800 damage with any of it's attacks. Barrier and Haste your
group, then use Limit Breaks and physical attacks; there's no need to
waste magic unless you want to heal yourself or summon monsters. From
time to time, the robot will kneel; fight quickly since it can fire a
blue laser ray from the gun on it's back that hits for 1100 damage to
all members. Even after you destroy the chest area, you'll still have
to keep on attacking it. After awhile, the battle ends.

Once the machine explodes, it starts to rain. Head north to find a
Save Point and two treasure chests. Go up the ladder and talk to Cait
Sith, then follow him. Vincent is waiting for you on the landing, and
there's a blue chest on the top of the next stairway. If Barett's in
your party, there's some dialogue with him once you get the item (which
I guess is a weapon for Barett--but you can't level-up Materia with it
equipped). However, the chest won't appear if Barett isn't in your
party (NSS). At the top of the next stairwell, run to the right. Talk
to the operator at the control panels, and you get to fight him.

BOSS TIPS - first form (hp: 13000 mp: 250)
- tentacle m (hp: 10000 mp: 200)
- floating m (hp: 11000 mp: 120)
- second form (hp: 26000 mp: 200)
- both limbs (share hp with body)
- third form (can't see his stats.)

This boss can create monsters to guard him. Keep attacking until he
dies. He'll then become a large beast. His attacks are weak, but
he can put a character to sleep. In his third incarnation, he can hit
a character multiple times, poison them, and mute them. However, even
his multiple-hit moves strike for only 200-500 damage so he's a rather
easy boss overall, but if he hits you more than 2 times in succession,
you run the risk of falling asleep. Simply use physical attacks to
destroy him.

You'll return to the Highwind after killing the boss. There's a short
sequence with Tifa and Cloud afterward, then the Highwind blasts off
into the sky. Well, that's the end of this disc! My time...17:25.



Yes, this is the ONLY new level in the third disc--it's also the last.
Also, there are lots of treasure chests in here, but _no_ Save Points;
you'll have to go all the way back out to the Highwind if you want to
save your game, although if you pick up the 'Seebu Kurisutaru' (Save
Crystal), you can make a Save Point anywhere in the Pit _one_ time only.
It's in the very first chest in the spiraling passage that serves as
the entrance to the Makou Pit.

If you want to pilot the airship around, simply go back into the cockpit
and talk to the engineer next to Cid and choose the top option. From
now on, though, you can go into the great pit simply by attempting to
land while you're over it. You'll notice two things while flying around
in the World Map; the Highwind is now rocket-powered (but the speed
doesn't change), and there's a great big dragon hanging in the air above
a newly-made lake near Junon Town. It's the Ultima Weapon, the same
monster you fought back in Disc 2.

This time, you can battle the Ultima Weapon by flying into it while
aboard the Highwind. However, it will fly away after fighting with you
for awhile. From this point on, it will fly around the sky and make it's
way to various random locations. It might seem as if you could just wait
around for the dragon to show up, but the beast will fly in circles
unless you find it and ram into it repeatedly. After 4 or 5 tries, it
will then head towards a new location and sit there until you attack
again. After escaping a few times, it will finally stop moving and
simply hang in the air. It's final stop will always be at Cosmo Canyon.

When you kill it (it's a lot easier than it looks), it crashes to the
ground and creates a huge crater. This will allow you to get to one
of the bonus areas (the Frog Forest) without having to breed a special
Chocobo. Also, you get a _lot_ of EXP for killing the dragon, as well
as Cloud's best sword if you win the battle--the Ultima Weapon.

In any case, once you've landed in the pit, go to the deck of the
airship. Climb down the ladder to leave, and head south. In the next
area, choose the top option to go down into the caves, or the bottom
option to return to the airship in case you wanted to change your
members, etc. You'll arrive at a huge basin. If you go through the
nearby door, you can climb up the stone column in the next scene to
go back to the airship. Otherwise, just follow the winding path.
Don't worry when parts of the path fall away; you can still jump back
across the gaps. There are two treasure chests that you can pick up
along the way.

In the next part, you can climb the silver parts of the ledges by
pressing O when you get near them (a message will appear). Go to the
right and make your way down the 'steps', collecting chests as you near
the bottom. Now go left until you're able to climb up twice, then head
right to spot a chest. Walk back to the left, and climb up four times.
Get the chest then walk up to where there are two ledges. Climb up the
one on the left and take the contents of the chest, then walk to the
right to find a Purple Materia. Now, you can simply go to the right a
second time after climbing to the first ledge and make your way to the
bottom again to continue.

In the next area, leap down and head right until you fall, then walk to
the left to get a treasure chest. Then stand at the edge of the ledge
and press the O button to leap up to the above ledge. Run to the left,
fall down, and enter the opening. Take the chest in the adjoining room
and leave. Climb back up the ledge, go to the right, and drop down until
you see another opening. Follow it back out to the main chamber, then
climb up the ledges and run to the right. You'll drop down to the ground
floor. Go to the far right for a chest, then go into the opening. Climb
up the path, take the chest to your left, then enter the hole; it winds
around to the topmost chest. Exit through the top opening. From this
point, just go right, head down, go through the side passage, then drop
down and run to the left. When you go down the opening on the bottom of
the screen, you'll reach a new area.

Climb down the two stalactites. Your friends are here, and they want
to know where they should be heading. If you choose the top option
each time they talk to you, you can only take the left path. If you
choose the bottom option, you can only take the right path. Make a
new party when you've finished and take the path that's available to
you (just NSS this whole paragraph ;)).

If you took the right path, descend the twisted column of stone. When
you reach the break in the path, choose the bottom option to stay or
the top option to jump down. Grab the treasure chest and the green
item, and keep working your way down to the ground. There's two chests
here, one to the north and one to the south. Make your way northeast
to find another chest, and keep going that way until you arrive at a
new area. Make your way along the bridge of bones and you'll end up
at Point A (see below).

If you took the left path, you'll find your allies waiting for you
again. Go through the same process as above; choosing the bottom
option lets you go south, and the top option lets you go east. If
you take the south route, refer to 'Point A' (see below; you'll have
to do the process in reverse since you're starting at the top).

Assuming you take the east route, hop on the twisted vine-like thing
and walk to the east. Jump onto the boulder and get the chest, then
hop back on the vine and walk north. Jump onto the rock face and keep
heading north; you'll submerge into the water and pop back up. Walk
left and get the chest, then head to the right. In this cavern, head
up to get the far chest. Run to the right and go up the boulder;
there's a Green Materia here (Shield). Go to the far end of the
boulder and try to walk south; you'll leap into the water and end up
by the chest you saw when you entered the room. Try to walk south
again, and you'll surface on the far end of the screen. Make your
way west, then south, then east to where the chest is.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are two types of enemies that can appear here.
One is a hopping orange ball with a little face on it, which usually
appears in trios. Killing all three will net you 0 EXP, 2400 AP, and
a whopping 90000 Gil! They're easy to kill and have weak attacks.
The second type of enemy is a little monster in a pot (which appears
in duos). They can't hurt you, but they can steal from you (NSS).
Destroy both and you'll get 16000 EXP, 2000 AP, and 17000 Gil. They
are also easy to beat up on. As you can guess, this is _the_ place to
master your Materia, raise levels, and get some cash. (Those of you
who played FF5j or FF3 will probably recognize the pot monsters. I
recall there being some kind of trick to get items or more EXP from
them if you gave them an Elixir or something like that. Anyone know
how the trick is done?)

Go back to the rock where you surfaced and run to the right to reach a
new area with a shiny spot in the center and lots of shrubbery. As
you pass through the shiny area, search the middle of it for a Blue
Materia. You can also just make out a yellow Materia (W Magic) lying
near the lowest part of the leaves; it's straight up from the right
'edge' of the shiny spot (you can't walk straight up, but you can work
your way up to it). Then return to the shiny spot and head left to
reach Point A.

In this area, go north to get the green chest. Then go through the
opening to the upper right. You'll reach an area with rocky cliffs.
Go to the bottom right of the first cliff to leap to the next one.
Head north to where a chest is. Walk to the left and you'll jump to
a lower area. When you try to go up, you'll automatically jump to
the upper cliff to left; pound on the O button to nab the floating
Purple Materia. You can keep jumping between ledges if you miss the
first time. Once on the upper cliff, take the contents of the green
chest. Go back to the far right and jump up the 'steps' the rocky
ledge. Run to the left, jump to the high ledge, and run to the right
to reach another green chest. Then try to go north and you'll leap
up to another area. Simply hop from ledge to ledge and you'll find
two chests along the way. Go back a ways from the second chest and
walk north to jump up to a ledge; climb up and keep going.

At this point, you can go back to the paths you couldn't take before
(depending on your decisions), if you wanted to get extra chests or
simply look around. In the next cavern, walk to the northwest to get
a chest. Head to the east and go north to get a second chest, then go
back to the first chest and jump up the ledges and go through the
opening. Finally, go down and around to the steps; you'll meet your
allies a third time. If you talk to them, they'll each give you an
item, but this seems to be random (NSS). Go to the stairs, and choose
bottom option to not go down them or the top option to descend. You'll
get to make a new group. In the following area, head across the
floating platforms. When you reach the center, you have to fight a
boss. (BTW, the names of its' arms are SYNTHESIS B and C.)

BOSS TIPS - body (can't see its' stats.)
- left arm (hp: 10000 mp: 600)
- right arm (hp: 8000 mp: 600)
Start the round by using Haste and Barrier on yourselves, then use Enemy
Skills and Summon Materia to dish out damage. The tentacle-like arms
will droop and become useless after you've attacked them long enough,
but they regenerate with some HP if you don't kill the boss quickly, so
use high-level spells (Ultima or Inseki) to take them out and injure the
boss at the same time. When the boss is about to die, it begins
counting down the rounds from 5; if you don't kill it by the time it
counts down, the boss casts Ultima. For the second-to-last boss, this
one is a pushover. It has very weak physical attacks (500-800 damage),
and not much else. If you want to conserve MP, you can take out the boss
using physical attacks with little injury to yourself.

(If it does cast Ultima, the battle ends, but you get no EXP, GP, or AP.)

After killing the boss, you will find yourself and your friends floating
in space. Sephiroth makes his final appearance here. You'll get to make
a party*, then automatically go to the Main Menu to use items, equip
weapons or Materia, etc. You then get to make another group and do it
again. If you mess up, pick the bottom option to remake your teams, if
not, pick the top option to begin the final battle.

* Apparently, the number of teams you make is determined randomly.
The second time I came after the boss, I was able to make three
parties (my third team had only two people), and I have heard
from others that they only had to make one party. For a time, I
thought this was based on the paths you took when you talked to
your friends at various locations in the Makou Pit, but I believe
it is simply a random occurence when it comes to the number of
parties you can assemble for the final fight.

BOSS TIPS - Part A (can't see its' stats.)
- Part B (hp: 2000 mp: 400)
- Part C (hp: 14000 mp: 400)
- Part D (hp: 12000 mp: 400)
- Part E
For a quick win, use Zeninage; you'll hit all the parts of Sephiroth's
body for 9999 damage. You'll find that only one of your two teams can
hurt the yellow orb (part C) of the boss' body, so fight until a
message pops up (left option to switch to a new party, right one to
keep using the current party) and choose the left one. Then protect
that party using Barrier, Haste, and Wall. Once part C is destroyed,
you get a message that Cloud can now attack part C, so do so. When C
has been destroyed from both sides, destroy all the body parts using
your second team, then switch to the first and destroy part B; the
boss will fall and die. Sephiroth's attacks include a Demi spell that
hits for about 2200 damage, an explosion attack that causes 1500 to
1700 damage, a fire ray emitted from it's chest for 1700-1900 damage,
and a 'Fallen Angel' attack similar to Kefka's in FF3 that reduces all
players' HP to 1. Just remember, if one team dies, the battle is over.
Interestingly enough, the number of times you've used a Summon materia
resets when you switch teams, allowing you to summon a monster for as
many times as you have MP (providing you switch teams first).*

* The second time I fought Sephiroth, he died before I received the
message to attack part C. In fact, most of my fighting had been
done with my center team (since I was able to make 3 of them). I
think this means that the strategy for beating this form of the
boss changes depending on how many parties you have.

When the monster is killed, Sephiroth shows up in another form. You
always fight him using the first team (the one that Cloud is in).

BOSS TIPS (can't see his stats.)

The boss can attack with Flare, he can Slow one ally at a time, he can
dispel all three members' protections, and he has a 'big bang' attack
that hits for 1100-2200 damage and will confuse and mute allies. Other
attacks include a blue laser ray (3700-3800), a ring flare (1200-1300),
a huge boulder smash attack (instant petrification), and the ability to
cast Doom on one person. Use Mabarrier on yourself, and then heal,
revive, and fix status ailments with the Angel's Whisper Enemy Skill.
Haste yourselves and use physical attacks, Summon materia, attacking
spells, and thrown items or coins (Zeninage) to inflict damage. He
doesn't have as much HP as you might think--he's not easy to kill, but
he's certainly not hard to defeat.

After a brief automated sequence you fight Sephiroth one last time. I'll
leave this up to you...don't get killed! After winning, sit back and
watch the ending--you did it! My time was 6:20 (showing you just how
short Disc 3 is)!


(As far as I can tell, you can go to these areas in Disc 2 or 3. Since
I'm checking them out using the third disc, the bonus areas are listed
here, in case anything about them is different from disc to disc.
There's some information on these bonus areas in the 'Secrets and
Strategies' section, too.)

Location: On a cliff near Cosmo Canyon on the Western Continent.
How to get there: Use a Green, Black, or Gold Chocobo. Or, climb past
the crater that's left behind when you kill the
flying dragon in Disc 3--it destroys part of the

You can grab items (frogs, big frogs, wasp nests, etc.) by pressing the
O button. When you grab a frog for the first time, you get a message
informing you that if you press the S button, the _entire_ area will
reset, returning all the items to their proper place. However, it also
returns you to the very start of the area, no matter how many screens
you've worked your way through. If you mess up on an area (you run
out of frogs to use for transportation), you can cheat by leaving the
area and returning (if it's possible to leave given your current
location). But if you're really stuck, you have no choice but to reset
the whole level by pressing S. You will keep all items and Materia Orbs
you've collected so far, though.

In the first area, pick up three frogs and go beneath the earth bridge.
Put them near the three bags hanging from the trees. Now, quickly take
the frogs and press the O button to make them hop into the bags; repeat
this until all three bags are full, and hop across. You can stand on a
bag and put a frog in another one, too. Once on the other side, go down
the slope and _carefully_ inch towards the center of the large snapping
plant. Press O to grab the bag (which contains the wickedly powerful ST
gun for Vincent). If you get too close, the plant will close and you'll
lose almost all your HP. You can make as many attempts as you want, but
it's best to try and not touch the center of the plant in the first
place. Continue to the right and Cloud will automatically use the pink
vine to reach the other side. Go past the tree to nab another bag
(inside is a weapon for Red 13), then go right to reach the second area
of the forest.

In the second area, pick up one frog and approach the pink vine. Choose
the top option to leap to the ledge. If you leave the frog on the ledge,
it'll turn into a big frog -NSS-. From here, you can put the frog in the
bag and leap across to the second (already-filled) bag. You'll
automatically use the pink vine to jump to the ground. Now, pick up a
frog and climb to the north on top of the green ledge; release a frog and
it will leap into the left bag. If you wait long enough, you'll be sent
flying to the ledge above when the frog escapes (you have to use a big
one -NSS-). Once on the ledge, take the wasp nest. Jump back down.
Stand near the small snapping plant and press O to release the nest; if
you're at the right distance, the nest will fly backward and land in the
plant, which will snap it up. Take the Yellow Materia, and then pick up
a big frog. Climb to the green ledge and let the frog jump into the
right bag. Jump up and wait atop the bag until you are thrust onto the
opposite side of the huge snapping plant. Run to the right to reach the
next zone.

In the third area, pick up two frogs, toss them into the bags, and leap
across to the pink vine. You'll be lifted into the treetops. Go left,
then down the trunk to reach the big bag you saw back in the second area.
It contains a bracelet that protects you from the elements -NSS-. If
you go to far down the trunk, you'll jump down to the ground, so return
to the treetops after grabbing the bag. Climb to the upper branch and
head right, then make your way towards the broken branch; Cloud will
vault across three of the pink vines and land on another branch. Go
south to get yet another item bag holding a Red Materia (Summon Chupon).
Now go back across the vines, and take the lower branch that leads behind
the leaves to the ground level. Grab a frog and use it on the bag to
leap to another bag, up to a second ledge. Take the wasp nest, drop to
the bottom, then run straight into the snapping plant, pressing O to
release the nest _just_ before you're snapped up. If you timed it right,
you can freely walk across the plant...if you messed up, you can always
try again. Use a small frog to fill the bag so you can get to the other
side. Then take a small frog and release it in the hole in the tree (you
know if you're in the right place because you'll hear a frog croaking.
It will turn into a big frog -NSS-. Take it and use it to cross to the
other side, then grab it again, put it in the far bag, and stand on it
until the frog pops out, propelling you to a cave entrance.

In the cave, walk to the right to find a chest with a Purple Materia
inside. Continue north and you'll find another chest to your right.
After taking the contents of the chest, exit through the opening to your
left. You're back outside! Yep, there are no bosses to fight (which
is a good thing if you had a hard time with the snapping plants).

Location: Waterfall in the center of the Western Continent.
How to get there: Use a Green, Black, or Gold Chocobo to go to the
west side of the waterfall by the lake. Dismount
and touch the waterfall to enter it. Alternately,
you can go there in submarine--you can dock on
the dark-colored western side of the shore.

Beyond the waterfall is a room made of white stone. If Vincent isn't
in your party, then you'll get a message stating his name when you
step past the threshold of the room. So, return with Vincent. This
time, there's a woman there (Rukuressia), and you'll get to see a
flashback of Vincent's past. While you don't get anything out of this
if you visit during the third disc, you can get Vincent's best weapon
if you come here with him in your party during the second disc and then
visit the waterfall again in the third disc.

Location: Cave lying to the east of a mountain in the bridge-
covered region of the Westernmost Continent.
How to get there: Use a Green, Black, or Gold Chocobo to climb over
the mountain. Dismount and enter the cave.

There's nothing in here but a glowing yellow light. Try to touch it,
and you'll get a Yellow Materia (Monomane). Notice how there's still
a glow after you've taken the Materia? :)

Location: Cave next to a mountain lying on a square of brown
land. There's a river running nearby. It's
beyond the mountain footpath by the shallow part
of the river near the Gold Saucer, on the Western
Continent--there's another cave entrance by the
river you need to cross.
How to get there: Use a Blue, Black, or Gold Chocobo to cross the
river to the patch of land where the cave is.

Inside this icy blue cave is a twinkling Purple Materia (HP/MP Irikae).

Location: Cave lying at the end of a penninsula on the north
stretch of land on the Southernmost Continent.

How to get there: If you have a Blue Chocobo, land the Highwind on the
patch of grass on the thin island near Mideel. Then
use the shallows connecting the penninsulas to reach
the area where the cave is. If you have a Black or
Gold Chocobo, simply land on the grassy area near the
cave and keep walking down the cliff and out to where
the cave entrance is. If you have the Gold Chocobo,
you can just walk southeast from the Chocobo Farm
across the water to the penninsula where the cave is.

This sandy cave is empty, save for a blue pyramid-shaped object. If you
examine it, you'll get a Blue Materia (Mahou Midareuchi).

Location: Oval-shaped island surrounded by mountains and trees
that is in the northwestern part of the world. It
is one of the Uncharted Isles (it doesn't show up on
the map).
How to get there: Use a Gold Chocobo to fly to the island and climb
over the mountains. Dismount and enter the cave
mouth that's at the edge of the forest.

This may be another empty area, but the red pyramid lying by the tree
trunks is none other than the Knights of the Round summon materia--the
most damaging summon spell in the entire game. Simply examine it to
pick it up.

A THIEF AMONG US (Yuffie's Sub-Quest)

(Note that you need to have Yuffie in your party to do this quest. You
can do it during any disc.)

Get in the airplane and look at the Map. Of the five continents (Eastern,
Northern, Southern, Western, and Westmost), head to the south end of the
Westmost Continent and travel along the shore on the right side of it.
Eventually, you'll find a beach shore with a path leading up into the
mountains (the area is just a ways southwest from the town where you met
Cid; it's not too hard to find--just work your way south until you can
find a patch of water leading to the Westmost Continent and then head
north along the coast). Head up the path. At this point, Yuffie will
steal as much Materia as she can hold (if you have a lot of Materia orbs,
she can't take all of them--but she will take the 'best' ones above all
else. The more powerful/rare a Materia is, the more likely Yuffie is to
steal it) and run away, leaving you to contend with two Shinra soldiers!
They're easy to kill, though (it's better to not have Yuffie in your
party so that you can have three people to fight with). If you fought
with only two people, then Barett adds himself to the party afterward.

At this point, you'll have to chase after Yuffie. You can't fly the
airplane around, either, so you're stuck with no Materia (don't forget,
your allies have also lost their Materia, too). Head across both rope
bridges up ahead, then turn left and turn left again (so that you're
moving away from the body of water). Keep walking, and you'll go across
another rope bridge and arrive at a small village sitting along a
penninsula. It's Yuffie's hometown, Utai.

Look around the town. Yuffie will run away when you show up. After
buying whatever you need, head northwest to reach the pagoda. Go into
the right building. If you talk to the sleeping man several times,
Yuffie will show up, then run away. Before leaving, check the bottom
wall in the room with the scroll; it's a fake wall and leads to a
treasure chest (which has a weapon for Red 13, I think). You can also
sleep in the first room you see with the three beds if you need to get
some rest. If you check the white scroll with the symbol on it near
the left corner of the room, it will swing aside, revealing a passage.
At the end of it is a chest; the Kaze xxxx is inside.

Now, go back to the item shop. The lady who stood in your way is not
on the other side of the room, allowing you to grab the treasure chest.
However, Yuffie will grab the Materia that's inside from you! Don't
worry, you'll get it back later. To find Yuffie, head down to the house
in the lower-right corner where the old man and the short guy live.
Doesn't something look different? Check the folding panel to the left
and Yuffie will leap out and escape once more. Once outside, go to
the bar. See how the pot by the door is shaking? Try to check it out
(using the O button). After Cloud positions his friends, punch open
the pot using the O button three times. Yuffie, unable to run away,
will lead you to her house. (I think there's supposed to be a hidden
item in this room...NSS.)

Follow her down the stairs. When she's done talking, check out the
switch in the back. Activating it makes a cage fall around your
friends! Yuffie will sneak away again. Free your pals by activating
the switch again. Then, go back up the stairs and out the front door.
Head back to the pagoda, and go through the recently-opened door to
your left. Stand before the bell and use the O button to ring it.
Go down the hidden passage that's revealed, and you'll find yourself
face to face with the mohawked man from the Wall Market. Grab the
contents of the two chests, then go up the stairs. You'll be attacked
by three Shinra soldiers, but they're just like the ones you fought
on the hill outside of Yuffie's town and aren't too hard to dispatch.

Once the battle's over, talk to the Shinra creeps hanging outside the
building and then return to the town. Go to the northeast, up into
the mountains. Follow the Shinra members, then take the curving
path behind the statue's head in the next area. Instead of talking
to the Shinra member in the next location (he's standing by a cave),
go south to find the mohawked man. Yuffie and a Shinra goon are
being held captive by him. Fearing you, he'll summon a monster to
attack your party.

BOSS TIPS (hp: about 6000?)
This winged beast is tougher than it looks, but all you can do is
attack. Vincent and Red 13 make the best allies to have here because
of their high attack power. Use Phoenix Tails and healing potions
to stay alive, and keep on attacking. Red's B1/2 can help to increase
the odds, and Cloud's B2/2 should be used every chance you get. If
you think you can make it without Vincent assisting you, then his B1/1
can be used to inflict plenty of damage on the boss.

After the battle, the mohawked man makes you choose from three choices
(again). I don't believe it matters which one you pick. With a little
help from the Shinra, he meets his untimely demise, and Yuffie is
rescued. You'll find yourself back in the World Map, and although your
Materia is re-equipped, it won't be in the order you had it before.
Rearrange your goods. You can hang around here if you want, or hop
on the airplane and leave. Oh, now that Yuffie won't be stealing any
more Materia off you, you might want to check out the house full of cats
in the lower right part of the village. You can now climb up the stairs
in the back of the room, which lead to an upper area with a chest
containing a purple Materia (HP Kyuushuu) Also, the man in the weapons
shop will now sell his goods to you. If Yuffie is in your party, the old
man in the pagoda offers Yuffie the chance to fight various enemies.
If you accept, she must fight alone, but if she dies, the game doesn't
end (although you'll have to heal Yuffie, who remains dead).

On the first floor, you fight a winged creature.

BOSS TIPS (hp: 3000 mp: 150)
Summon Materia work well here. Use Haste, then the Hissatsu Materia
to inflict lots of damage. You should also have a Kaifuku Materia in
case things get ugly.

On the second floor, you fight a penguin-like monster.

BOSS TIPS (hp: 4000 mp: 180)
Refer to the above tips. You might try the Barrier Spell to reduce

On the third floor, you fight a four-armed foe.

BOSS TIPS (hp: 5000 mp: 210)
You can't really do anything about this thing's paralyzing Flash, so
just wait it out and keep your HPs up. Refer to the notes for the last
two bosses and apply them to this fellow if you're having a tough time.

On the fourth floor, you fight a iron-ball swinging man.

BOSS TIPS (hp: 6000 mp: 240)
Protect yourself with the Barrier Materia and attack using the Hissatsu
Materia. Use Summon spells if you need them, but this boss is probably
the easiest enemy you'll fight.

On the fifth floor, you fight an ashura-like demon.

BOSS TIPS (hp: 10000 mp: 1000)
Like FF2's Ashura, this boss' strategies change depending on which face
is currently facing front. His attacks aren't too bad, but he can cure
himself for +1200 hp when the going gets tough. So how do you beat him?
There are two ways: if your total attack power is over about 1500 damage
per hit, you can attack repeatedly or berserk yourself and the boss won't
be able to cure himself fast enough. The other way is a lot longer. If
you can stay alive until he's used up all 1000 magic points, then he
won't be able to cure himself and you can attack him until he dies. As
with the other bosses, Haste, Barrier, Kaifuku, and Summon Materia are
all recommended items to have equipped before fighting this guy. When
his red face is directed towards you, watch out for his ability to shrink
you, and use Tryne (the same attack that the Materia Keeper used). If
you have it, the Juuryoku Materia and Yuffie's B1/1 can cause lots of
pain. It's advisable that you tackle this boss when you get stronger,
because while you _can_ kill him now, it may take a while (32 min)! If
you have the Magic Mallet enemy skill, use it!

Final Fantasy 7 Walk Through